South East Asia

I bought a flight ticket 6 months ago to avoid cold winter in Japan. There were 3 aim, “Going to Viet Nam”, “Going to Dentist”, “Getting Diving license” in South East Asia. Many stories this time, I got sick, met many friends, had romance… I love traveling!

List of South East Asia Travel StorySouth East Asia

List of South East Asia Travel Story

South East Asia after 3 yearsSouth East Asia

South East Asia after 3 years

I went to South Korea by Peach. I went to Okinawa by Peach a...
Take offSouth East Asia

Take off

Well, Japanese Yen is weak now. It's not good for traveling ...
To Kuala LumpurSouth East Asia

To Kuala Lumpur

I got to Kansai airport at 15:00 then checket in at Air Asia...
To Kota KinabaluSouth East Asia

To Kota Kinabalu

I slept on the airport, but I couldn't sleep... I wake up ma...
To BruneiSouth East Asia

To Brunei

I wake up at 6:10am, then prepared to leave. Fiona said she...
Go back to Kota KinabaluSouth East Asia

Go back to Kota Kinabalu

I wake up at 6:40am. I just slept 2 hours, but I wake up eve...
To Kinabalu ParkSouth East Asia

To Kinabalu Park

I woke up at 7am,,,, but really sleepy. My body also heavy.....
To Sapi IslandSouth East Asia

To Sapi Island

I woke up at 6:30 for prepare. Then Fiona's father took me t...
To SandakanSouth East Asia

To Sandakan

I woke up at 5am for prepare. I just slept 1.5hours, so slee...
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