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Date or Vol.Pick UpMediaHow
2016/03/16 No.733Modern Fukui dialect courseFree PaperThey used contents of my website on “famile“, P28~29
2015/11/12Mayomania(Me)TVJoined a program “soleいいね“‘s “いいねカフェ” of SBS
2015/11/12Mayomania(Me)EventJoined a talk show on Shizutetsu-store-Tamachi in Shizuoka.
2015/09/22Modern Fukui dialect courseTVI translated acting script to Fukui dialect for “あばれる君”, who joined “ものまねグランプリ” of Nippon Television Network Corporation for “天皇の料理番”‘s mimic acting.
2015/05/26Mayomania(Me)TVJoined a program “マツコの知らない世界” of TBS
2015/04/15Mayomania(Me)RadioJoined a program “福井謙二グッモニ“, “エンタメいまのうち” of Cultural Broadcasting Inc.
2015年2月号Travel India(Me)MagagineInterviewed from “月刊テーミス“, P94~95
2015/01/07Travel India(Me)TVJoined a program “いっぷく!” of TBS
2014/12/12T-shirt(Point in Travel)TVTBS introduced my T-shirt(Point in Travel) on”あさチャン
Sue’s Memo
2013/08/15My Book(Me)RadioJoined a program “アポロン”‘s “アポロンの秘密” of TOKYO FM
2013/4/17 No.590Modern Fukui dialect courseFree PaperInterviewed from CAST Communications inc. P12~13 on “famile
2013/03Modern Fukui dialect courseSchool MagagineInterviewed from Takefu High School, on extra page of “むつみ”
2012/10/05T-shirt(I Love 北海道)TVThey wore my T-shirt on “ゆうどきネットワーク” of NHK
Sue’s Memo
Modern Fukui dialect course(Me)MagazineまごのちからInterviewed from KIRAKUSHA,Inc.
P146 on “孫の力 No.3” released at 25th Nov.

2011年12月号Sue’s Page(Me)MagazineあるじゃんInterviewed from All About, Inc.
P58~59 on “あるじゃん”

2011年5月号Mayomania(Me)MagazineInterviewed from POPULA Publishing
P54 on “「旬」がまるごと2011年5月号 レタス”

2010/11/15MeRadioJoined a program “skyweb98.5FM” in Hua Hin, Thailand
JULY 2010MeMagazineInterviewed from “SHAPE Thailand
P111 about Self defense in Ju-Jitsu.

2009/07/01~07/02MeRadioJoined a program twice in Chiang Mai, Thailand
2009/02/03~02/09My Book(Me)TVJoined a program 「トピックススタジオ」 of TANNAN CATV
09.1/28 No.382My Book(Me)FreePaperInterviewed from CAST Communications inc.
P29 on “famile
2009/01/16~01/23My Book(Me)TVJoined a program 「丹南ポケット」 of TANNAN CATV
2009/01/16My Book(Me)NewspaperInterviewed from Fukui Shimbun.
P15 on “Fukui Newspaper”
2008/07/16MayomaniaWebPick upped on “Today’s Web contents PickUp!” of AlphaPolis
2008/07~2009/12MangaNewsLetterContributed to Member’s Club of Echizen City Library
2008/03/04MayomaniaNewspaperInterviewed from Chunich Shimbun.
P16 on “Chunich Newspaper”
2006/3月発売MayomaniaBook朝日ジュニア百科年鑑2006Asahi Shimbun introduced my website, P356 on “朝日ジュニア百科年鑑2006

2006/01/04Mayomania(Me)TVJoined a program 「きになるオセロ」 of Asahi Broadcasting Corporation
2006/01/03Modern Fukui dialect courseNewspaperFukui Shimbun introduced my website, P38 on “Fukui Newspaper”
2005/03/01MayomaniaMagazineShiraishi Shoten introduced my website, P60 on “NP!”
2005/03/01Mayomania(Me)RadioJoined a program “Dive DEEPER” of FM FUKUI
2005/3月号MayomaniaMagazineSoftbank introduced my website, P39 on “Yahoo! Internet Guide”
2004/7~12月Modern Fukui dialect courseWebCollaboration with FBC on the program “そばびと
2004/06/10オモシロズウェルWebContributed to Fun site of Roswell on TSUTAYA through FOX.
2004/06オモシロズウェルBrochureロズウェルFOX used my website’s screen shot on the brochure for press when the Roswell DVD released in Japan.

2004/4月号MayomaniaMagazineNikkei Business Publications introduced my website, P124 on “Nikkei netn@vi”
2003/11/30Mayomania(Me)TVJoined a program “発見!仰天!!プレミアもん!!! 土曜はダメよ!” of YOMIURI TELECASTING CORPORATION.
2003/02/14Mayomania(Me)TVMy face photo joined a program “禁じられた遊び” of Fuji Television Network
2003/01/13DrawingMail MagazineManga Mail Vision used my drawing on “マンジョンファン広場”
2002/12/10Mayomania(Me)MagazineInterviewed from Newsweek.
P52 on “Newsweek”

2002/12/03Mayomania(Me)RadioJoined a program “Wake up Wao!” of FM FUKUI
2002/09/20Mayomania(Me)TVJoined a program “ニューススクランブル” of YOMIURI TELECASTING CORPORATION.
2002/08/24Modern Fukui dialect courseNewspaperFukui Shimbun introduced my website, P34 on “Fukui Newspaper”
2002/9月号MayomaniaMagazineSoftbank introduced my website, P180 on “Yahoo! Internet Guide”
2002/8月1日号Mayomania(Me)MagazineInterviewed from Shogakukan
P28 on”女性セブン

2002/4/27 338号MayomaniaTabloidKumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun introduced my website, P18 on “くまにち すぱいす”
2002/2月Mayomania(Me)WebNikkei introduced my website on “Nikkei B2O”
2001/08/22MayomaniaRadioFM802 introduced my website on “NitEscape 802”
2001/08/19MayomaniaWebYahoo! JAPAN introduced my website on “Today’s Pick Up”
MayomaniaMagazineKADOKAWA GROUP PUBLISHING introduced my website, P87 on “Webお宝サイト1000”
2001/7月Modern Fukui dialect courseGuidebookシティマニュアル越前若狭2002KEIHANSHIN Lmagazine introduced my website, P125 on “シティマニュアル越前若狭2002”

2001/05/14Mayomania(Me)TVJoined a program “満点!アイ” of Television Osaka
2001/04/13Mayomania(Me)TVJoined a program “ザ・ワイド” of Nippon Television Network Corporation
2001/04/12Mayomania(Me)TVJoined a program by telephone and photo on “ズームイン朝” of Nippon Television Network Corporation
‘01.3.19号Mayomania(Me)MagazineAERAInterviewed from Asahi Shimbun
P8~9 on “AERA

2001/3月号FACE x faceMagazinePC GIGAEICHI PUBLISHING INC. introduced my website, P57 on “PC GIGA”

2001/3月号Mayomania雑誌サイトでーたKADOKAWA GROUP PUBLISHING introduced my website, P97 on “さいとデータ”

2001/02/13MayomaniaWebSo-net introduced my website on “Today’s URL”
2000/10月号Sue’s PageFree PaperFree Paper in Hakodate introduced my website, P129 on “ジャム函館”

2000/09/25MayomaniaTVTokyo Broadcasting System Television introduced my website on “はなまるマーケット”
1997/06/27Modern Fukui dialect courseNewspaperFukui Shimbun introduced my website, P11 on “Fukui Newspaper”
1997/9月号MayomaniaMagazineRECRUIT introduced my website, P138 on “あちゃら”
1997/2月号?MayomaniaMagazineByakuya-Shobo introduced my website on “Webマニア”