To Brunei


I wake up at 6:10am, then prepared to leave.

Fiona said she will wake up at 6:30, but it was already 6:45, I knocked her door and woke her up.
She was still sleeping.
Then we left at 7am.

We planed to go to noodle restaurant last night, but no time go there, so she took me to Kaya toast restaurant.


It’s near the tourist information, there were so many people already.


2 Kaya toast
Soy milk
Soy sweet

for 7.50RM(about 2.50USD)

Everything yummy~!

There was no time to eat slowly, so I took them out.

Fiona took me to Ferry terminal, thanks!!


Ticket office for the ferry.


Economy class to Brunei for 63.60RM(about 20USD)
I wanted to pay by credit card but they just accept cash.


This is the Ferry.

Inside of ferry is sooo cold..!
And economy class is difficult to see outside.

I wrote blog until now.

Inside ferry is soooo cold!!!
I thought I came back to Japan in winter!!
And I was ferry sick,,, vomited at bathroom….

Then ferry got to Laban island at 11am.


I ate tofu sweet for dessert* Yummy~*

I had a time to next ferry to Brunei, so let’s walk around!
Walk walk.




I walk mail road.


I got to Laban Square.


Continue walking.


I walked into Laban walk, there were many street restaurant, maybe some festival??

There were tourist information though,


I couldn’t walk into because the water in front of the building…


I asked how mach the Mi-goren, flied noodle, it was 2RM(about 0.70USD)
I take it for lunch!


Big volume~!

I walked again to find a place to eat.


I found small park.


I sat down here and started eating*

It was a little bit hot, so I opened my jacket and took off.
Boys saw me and they hide their eyes by their hand!
Oh,, I shouldn’t show my skin to them in Isram country..

While I was eating the noodle, it started rain…


So I came back to Ferry terminal.
Some of the photo is not clear, because of humidty..

After lunch, I headed to departure terminal.
I had to pay ferry tax again!


5RM(about 1.60USD)


Ferry to Brunei.
Ferry took off at 1:30pm.

Inside is not so cold then before one.
I wrote blog until now.

But rain getting hard, I worry about weather…

Ferry got to Brunei about 2pm, then I changed 40USD to Brunei doller.


I changed 40USD but she gave me 44BRD!
Change rate was 1.176, so it must be 46 though…
The rate was also very bad, I morticed it later.
She cheated me..!!

I have to calculate first.
I’m silly in these days…(>_<)


This is the bus to city center 2BRD.


Bus driver gave me receipt. or bus ticket??

Then bus got to city center past 4pm.
It’s rain very hard!

I wore rain coat and entered to coffee bean shop, the meeting point with couch host.

I found kind man and rent mobile to call my host, Asif.
But it was wrong number!

Asif said ask coffee bean shop staff, so I asked it to staff but no one know him.
Staff helped me to call him by them phone, but wrong number…
I’m in stuck..!! It’s very hard rain outside.

Staff let me use wifi, and I called other CSer, Rifnas who is not my host but if I need help I could call him, he said. (yes, he didn’t accept me on CS, just for hang out.)

Please take my call, please take my call..!!!!

“Are you Rifnas?”

I rely on him.
Hard rain outside, I can’t go anywhere, I came here Brunei but I just stay in coffee shop.

Currency exchange person cheated me, couch host gave me wrong number, hard rain outside, it made me I was getting dislike Brunei… :'(

I just came to Brunei to use internet at Coffee shop without any sightseeing…
I was so sad and wanted to cry…

But Rifnas came to coffee shop to pick me up at 6:40pm!!
Thank you so much!!!!

“What happened to you?”
“My host gave me wrong number…”
“Did you already find any hotel or hostel?”
“No, not yet…”
“Ok, let’s go anyway”

Then I took on his car.

“It’s yours”

He gave me a drink.

“So who is your host?”
“His name is Asif…this man”
“Asif!? I know him!”
“Really!?!? Is he bad man??”
“No he is very good man. But a little bit old..”
“Do you know Asif’s number?
“Yes I have”

I checked his number.

The last number was wrong. It must be 5 but 6.

“So what do you want to do?”
“I wanna call him”

Then I called Asif and he took my call!!

“Hi this is Sue!!”
“Oh! Where are you now? I will come to pick you up!”

Rifnas talked to him for me.
Asif is busy today, so Rifnas show me around by car, then he take me to Asif’s house.


I said thank you to Rifnas again.

“Thank you for coming to help me!!”
“Actually, I was in far place, a hour from here, but it seems you were in trouble, that’s why I came”


“It’s new country for you, and you were in trouble, I wanted to help you”
“Oh my…”
“Drink your juice”

I started crying.
He is my angel, he said he was busy his work until 16th, so I didn’t wanna bother him…

I never cried in my travel by impression.
I always smile and positive. But I cried.
Thanks god.

“Yes, you should say thank you to god, not me, haha. I take you just sightseeing”


Mosk! Beautiful~!
Today was king’s birthday, so today was special he said. I’m lucky~!


Water village.


Other mosk, beautiful~!!

Then he took me to Asif’s house.
Finally I could meet him!

“I gave you wrong number? Oh, yes! Sorry, I’m very very sorry~!!”

Asif served coffee for us.
Actually, Asif was very busy for his work, so he didn’t have a time to show me around.
Asif went back to his office for work, and Rifnas take me for dinner.

My badget was just 7BRD, so Rifnas took me to cheap local night market.


Woow! It’s 1BRD~!!


He took me to table park for eating.


Potato ball.


Flied noodle.


Sticky rice with prawn.

After diner, Rifnas took me to the place, 30 minutes away from city center.


Empire hotel, best hotel in Brunei.
It was best hotel in South East Asia few years ago.


Sooooo fun!!

Then went back to city in 30 minuets.




I even took picture with security, so fun!
I’m enjoying Brunei at night!!


Rifnas gave me his own company’s tea!!
I like that!! (>▽<)

He showed me around until 24:00, so I enjoyed very much!!

He took me to Asif’s house then said good bye.
If Asif didn’t gave me wrong number, I never met Rifnas.
If Rifnas didn’t gave me his number, same.
And they knew each other, everything was connected.
That’s so amazing!!

Asif served chai for me and we had conversation, then he asked me to do Thai massage.
So I did.

I got Brunei money more, so exchange rate turned to no problem now!

I took shower and wrote loooong blog, it’s already 4:30am.
I wake up early tomorrow morning, so I didn’t write in English, just in Japanese.

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