I just bought the 3 months flight ticket to USA, as Hiromi I met in New Zealand invited me on a boat she is working. I could stay there for 2~3 weeks but it turned just for 2 nights!? And also my laptop was broken and I found the USA is very difficult country to travel…But I found it’s great country for entertainment and shopping XD

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List of USA

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I will go to USAUSA

I will go to USA

I met Hiromi, Japanese girl 4 years ago in New Zealand. (She...
Couch surfingUSA

Couch surfing

Well, I decided to go to USA(LA) before Hiromi arrive at San...
To Los AngelesUSA

To Los Angeles

I headed to Tokyo by night bus on 23:10 30th. This is th...


Breakfast, like a American. Thank you! After that, Amber ...
Riding on a bikeUSA

Riding on a bike

I woke up at noon as I was so sleepy as I went to bed half p...
American comedyUSA

American comedy

Well, I went to bed 3am last night, and cat came to my bed s...
Venice beachUSA

Venice beach

I woke up at 8am, still sleepy but I took a shower then brea...
Ship festivalUSA

Ship festival

I rode on a boat from yesterday that Hiromi is working thoug...
Slave boatUSA

Slave boat

"Good morning" I said to Hiromi just wake up on the bed bes...
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