Sue’s Travel Diary in Japan | スーの日本国内旅行記

Sue's Travel Diary in Japan.

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Hi, I'm Sue, Japanese woman.
I love traveling very much, traveled around 42 countries so far.
This is the travel blog around Japan.
Enjoy Japan travel stories with many photos!

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Travel Stories



2014/08/21~2014/08/28 (8days)
Article: 6

Friends came from Barcelona to Kyoto for their honeymoon, so I showed them around.
Some days were not good weather but Kyoto is always good to travel everywhere!



RouteTokyo - Yokohama - Kamakura - Yokohama - Tokyo
2014/07/25~2014/08/11 (18days)
Article: 13

I stayed around hostels in Yokohama and Kamakura.
There were a lot of Lotus anyway.



RouteNaha - Tokashiki Island - Onnason - Chatan - Kouri Island
2014/07/02~2014/07/09 (8days)
Article: 15

I wanna go to Okinawa in summer! I wanna swim in the ocean!
I enjoyed a beach in Okinawa very much in this travel! So beautiful!!



RouteOkinawa Mainland + other Islands(Ishigaki, Iriomote, Taketomi, Kohama)
2013/10/20~2013/11/03 (15days)
Article: 17

A friend asked me to travel Okinawa together but she changed her mind, I traveled by myself like every time.
I traveled by renting motor bike, renting bike, hitch-hiking with my luck.
I enjoyed Okinawa cuisine, beautiful ocean and many interesting people.