South East Asia after 3 years


I went to South Korea by Peach.
I went to Okinawa by Peach and Jetstar.

When I talked to Ume-chan about buying flight ticket to South Korea, she said she bought a ticket by Air Asia, Tokyo – Seoul.

Air Asia?
I totally forgot about Air Asia!
Whoa? Air Asia fly from Japan??
Why I didn’t notice that??

I checked Air Asia’s website.

Wow! Air Asia also fly from Osaka!?
Well, let’s check the price how cheap.

!!!! Super cheeeeeeap !!!!

Serious!? Serious!?!?

Yeah, the price was so cheap.

Air Asia is awesome! Ok~, the ticket is for 6 months later though, I don’t like cold winter in Japan, let’s go to South East Asia~!!

How long? Umm, I don’t take long travel these years, how about 6 weeks? If I got boy friend, I may stay with him in Xmas..and new year will be busy usually…

So, I bought the flight ticket on 30th August, last year.

But I didn’t get any boy friend to stay with Xmas together, so I could flight in December.

It was first time to buy a flight ticket such 6 months before in my life, I didn’t think any plan.

Well then, it’s super cold winter in Japan.
It was good I got such a ticket*

By the way, let’s check the price if I buy the same ticket now??

I checked it on Air Asia.

Whaaaaaat!? Almost same price!? NO, it’s cheaper than before!!
NO WAY~~~!!

Huh…that’s the way it is,,, I already have a ticket, so I fly by this ticket though…lalala…(I saw far away)

This is the ticket price.

Osaka – Kuala Lumpur Return 21,450yen(about 210USD)

Ticket + Airport Tax + Fuel 20,390yen(about 200USD)
Airport Bus Return 460yen(about 4.50USD)
Processing Fee 600yen(about 6USD)

About my trip, I don’t have plan so much you know, but I have 3 plans this time.

Priority #1 Going to Vietnam
Priority #2 Going to Dentist in Chiang Mai
Priority #3 Get a license of Scuba diving in Koh Tao

When I thought about these plan and travel date, I found it will be very tight…umm…

I didn’t think making plan and thought moving by local transports though, it’d be better to take some plane!?

Priority #1 Going to Vietnam, so I checked a flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Hanoi, then it was 6000yen(60USD)! Cheap!!

But I didn’t buy quickly, I thought I could buy in last minutes,,, then the price turned to 17,000yen(170USD) now…(>_<)

I don’t buy that!! I thought various route of this trip and I bought some cheap tickets.

Kuala Lumpur – Kota Kinabalu 3,134yen
Kota Kinabalu – Sandakan 1,476yen
Sandakan – Kuala Lumpur 2,919yen
Kuala Lumpur – Phunom Penh 4,956yen including SKY bus

At first, I didn’t think I travel Malaysia this time, so I didn’t know the location of Kota Kinabalu. But when I checked the location, it’s island and there is Brunei next!?
That’s soooo interesting!!

I bought the ticket without any thought.
Then I thought going to Sandakan.
Buuuut! If I go to 3 places, I should have entered from Brunei.
It’s 2 days waste of time for moving Kota Kinabalu and Brunei…! And there was Air Asia flight too. No way~~(>_<)

Well, I bought those tickets already, and those were so cheap, 12,485yen for altogether!!

Awesome Air Asia!!(>▽<)

Let’s go to South East Asia to avoid cold winter~*

List of South East Asia