South Korea

Mom said she wanna go somewhere for summer trip. Our option were Malaysia or Taiwan, but I chose South Korea finally as I had never been there! We visited 3 places and mom enjoyed this travel 🙂

List of South KoreaSouth Korea

List of South Korea

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Holiday tripSouth Korea

Holiday trip

"I want to travel as I got long holiday" mom said so. "Huh? ...
To SeoulSouth Korea

To Seoul

Last night I couldn't set new travel blog for Korea easily, ...
Sightseeing in SeoulSouth Korea

Sightseeing in Seoul

We wake up at 8am, then took bread for breakfast that we bou...
Rainy day in SeoulSouth Korea

Rainy day in Seoul

It's rain from morning, Ik-sou, couch host will come back ho...
Seoul to BusanSouth Korea

Seoul to Busan

I slept at 4:30am, so I was very sleepy. But mom woke up ear...
Sightseeing in BusanSouth Korea

Sightseeing in Busan

Breakfast~* Thank you so much!!!! Jeong-Ah gave me there for...
Spa in BusanSouth Korea

Spa in Busan

We wake up at 9am. Today's breakfast, thank you so much!!!! ...
Busan to JejuSouth Korea

Busan to Jeju

Today's breakfast, Korean style curry and rice. Thank you so...
Sightseeing in JejuSouth Korea

Sightseeing in Jeju

Breakfast in Shinee Guesthouse~. Looks very goooood :D Bread...
List of South Korea