Take off


Well, Japanese Yen is weak now.
It’s not good for traveling to foreign country.

So, I take foreign moneys.
I opened drawer.


Oh, I had such many currencies!
Wow, that’s good for me~*

Then I prepared my baggage.
This time I take Air Asia, Air Asia just allow to carry on the baggage under 7 kg.
Jetstar and Peach was under 10 kg.

Ummm, I have to consider about it.

When I met Ko-chan in Tokyo last time, he said “Just be patient about coldness while you are moving between house and airport if you travel from winter to warm country.”

Yes, that’s a good idea!
So I just prepared summer clothes.


These all.

Ohhh!! So small!!

Thai pants 1
Skart 1
Camisole 3
T-shirt 1
Socks 3
Under wear 3
Bra 3
Bathing suit 1

It’s so small, so I took 1 T-shirt and 1 underwear more.
Then I wear Jeans, long sleeve and jacket for moving.

I packed other stuffs, then I checked the weight.
It was just 6 Kg altogether!!

What a light~!!!
It’s smallest baggage ever in my travel!!

Let’s leave Fukui~!


There are snow on the train rail…
Sooooo cooooooold!!!


I got to Chee, my friend’s house in Osaka and took Japanese hot pot for dinner~*


She prepared Sake from Kyoto, it was so good!!

We watched TV news and it said “Longest, Coldest winter in Japan these days”.
Yeah, I leave Japan soon…

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