Thailand 3

I bought a flight ticket 1 year ago for avoid cold winter in Japan.
I visited Chiang Mai first to meet some friends, then moved to Khao Yai for stay with BF.
It’s already 1 year we have been seeing each other*

List of Thailand3 Travel StoryThailand 3

List of Thailand3 Travel Story

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Too cold winter in JapanThailand 3

Too cold winter in Japan

It's too cold winter in Japan. Especially my area, we have s...
To ThailandThailand 3

To Thailand

Well, I go to Thailand though, it's not good time change mon...
Just normal dayThailand 3

Just normal day

Teacher Wandee cooked breakfast* Thank you!! Well, I planed ...
Teacher Wandee and TimmyThailand 3

Teacher Wandee and Timmy

When I stayed in Chiang Mai 6 years ago, I leanrt many massa...
Doi Saket and Doi PuiThailand 3

Doi Saket and Doi Pui

We will leave at 7am in the morning! Teacher Wandee said so ...
Timmy’s Ufai class 1Thailand 3

Timmy’s Ufai class 1

Well, I take Timmy's Ufai Class today. I take the class with...
Timmy’s Ufai class 2Thailand 3

Timmy’s Ufai class 2

Timmy's Ufai Class Day 2. We took chicken rice for lunch bef...
In Khao YaiThailand 3

In Khao Yai

I got to Sikhio around 7:30am near Khao Yai, I met Joe there...
Dairy festival in Khao YaiThailand 3

Dairy festival in Khao Yai

I think Thai people really like festivals, there was Dairy f...
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