South Korea 3

I found cheap promotion ticket 2000yen to South Korea, so I bought 1 way but it was expensive if I didn’t buy round ticket. I also wanted to go to Tsushima by ferry but couldn’t buy the ticket. So I traveled around South part of South Korea.

To South Korea againSouth Korea 3

To South Korea again

"2000yen for South Korea for one way!" I received such e-ma...
To BusanSouth Korea 3

To Busan

I got to Kansai airport terminal 2 at noon~. This is my ...
Beomeosa and SaunaSouth Korea 3

Beomeosa and Sauna

I woke up early to Beomeosa Temple today. I took subway to B...
Bamboo forest in DamyangSouth Korea 3

Bamboo forest in Damyang

Today's breakfast* Thank you so much! Well, I think I g...
JeonjuSouth Korea 3


I ate instant noodle from Youngmi for breakfast, a student c...
MaisanSouth Korea 3


I woke up 6:30am, then I took bath at Sauna, then I left the...
HaeinsaSouth Korea 3


Erin went out 8am to work, I woke up late and got small brea...
Shopping at International StreetSouth Korea 3

Shopping at International Street

Breakfast, thank you so much!! Then Jeong Ah gave me a bo...
Money I spent in South KoreaSouth Korea 3

Money I spent in South Korea

I visited 6 cities, more than 8 places in South Korea for 7d...