To Kinabalu Park


I woke up at 7am,,,, but really sleepy.
My body also heavy..

But I woke up and prepared.

I go to city center by local bus.


When I took on the bus, the bus had such a flag!?

But fee 1.20RM(about 0.40USD)

Well, I go to Kinabalu park today.
I went to mini bus terminal.
The fee is 20RM(about 7USD)


There were 2 people inside the car, but car doesn’t move.
It was 8:30 at that time, I asked when the bus move, bus move at 9:30.

It’s very late!

I went to restaurant and ate lunch.


Noodle 5.50RM(about 2USD)

Then, the bus left at 9:30am finally~.


Mt. Kinabalu from car.

Then I arrived at Kinabalu park at 11:30am.


“There are nothing in Kinabalu park, Botanical garden takes just 15 minutes, so you’d be better to go to Polin hot springs first.
There are water falls, bridge and hot springs.
So take bus from Kinabalu park, it’s 85RM(about 30USD) for 1 way, you can share with other people.”

Mini bus driver gave me such an advice.

What? There is nothing interesting in Kinabalu park?
But it’s too expensive to go to Polin hot springs by the bus, there is no people to share the cost.

Anyway, I paid 15RM(about 5USD) for enter tha park, then went to information center to get any information.

But the staff was helpless,,, she didn’t gave me useful information.
I headed to Botanical garden first anyway.
But the map was difficult to see, so I walked wrong way.


I wanted to walk hiking pass but I couldn’t find it.
So I walked just this road.


Botanical garden 5RM(about 2USD)


I expected many flowers or rare plants, but just normal.
No difference, it’s same as the mountain pass.
It finished in 10 minutes.
I wonder why they charge to the Botanical garden.

Now, I try to walk mountain pass..


But the pass was very muddy with rain water, it was dangerous to walk.
I walked a little bit, but not interesting at all.
Map was very simple, didn’t have detail, gallery closed..

No time to walking around, not interesting, got tired, why I came to Kinabalu park?

It was much better to go to Polin first.
I should have applied a tour to Polin hot springs from KK?

But 85RM to Polin by bus for 1 way is expensive, so I visited information center again.
There were other staffs, so I asked getting public transport to Polin.
To go to Polin, go to Ranau for 5RM and take bus to Polin for 7RM.
Oh, there were public transport of course.

I tried to hitch-hiking first to Ranau, a mini bus stopped.


Anyway I took on the bus and went to Ranau first.
The driver didn’t get money from me, so hitch-hiking success!?
Thank you!!

I got to Ranau in 20 minutes.


I waited the other bus to Polin but many people said the bus sometimes come.


I was eating the snack with waiting.

“Hi Miss? Where do you go?”
“Polin hot springs”
“I go there too, come here”

The boy’s name was Nes, young boy about first 20s.

His home town was Polin, so his brother will come here to pick him up.
He said I can go to Polin with his brother’s car.

But his brother didn’t come as traffic jam, so I had no time to go Polin anymore.
The guy was very good person to talk with, so I wanted to go Polin with him though..
Next time~.


I took bus to KK 20RM(about 7USD)

Nes helped me to take bus, but the bus fee was 17RM for local, 20RM for foreigner..

Then the bus left 4pm from Ranau, got to KK at 6pm.

Sooooo sleepy!!

I didn’t enjoy Kinaval park at all, just got tired…Oh my..
I don’t recommend going Kinaralu park for 1 day if someone thinking to go there.
Going to Polin would be better.

I went back to home by local bus.
Sooooo tired…(>_<)

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