I found just 500yen(about 6USD) flight ticket to Australia, so decided to go there! The travel term was just a month, so I made travel plan for the first time. Australia was so huge, so I moved around by plane.

List of AustraliaAustralia

List of Australia

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I will go to AustraliaAustralia

I will go to Australia

I decided not going anywhere until June. You know, I'm check...
Flight around AustraliaAustralia

Flight around Australia

Australia is so huge. Too huge, I noticed. I never made plan...


I left Fukui at 23rd April. I had not enough time to prepare...
Arrived at CairnsAustralia

Arrived at Cairns

I arrived at Cairns at 5:30am. I went through immigration an...
Mossman GorgeAustralia

Mossman Gorge

I woke up at 9am, and I found Craig cooked rice for me!! As ...
Bank account and mobile phoneAustralia

Bank account and mobile phone

I went to bank yesterday, but they were busy, so I got an ap...


I woke up and saw a clock. And also saw a date. Ah! Today in...
Holiday in MelbourneAustralia

Holiday in Melbourne

This is the breakfast. Thank you so much!!! Before noon, the...


I woke up, then I went to kitchen, I found it on the table. ...
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