To Kuala Lumpur


I got to Kansai airport at 15:00 then checket in at Air Asia.
I already checket in on website but they have to check my baggage weight and pass boarding pass.

I bought some souvenir, then boarded on the plane on 16:10.


The take off time is 16:55 but they started boarding early.


Every passenger took on early, so the plane took off 15 minutes before the plan!
Awesome Air Asia!


70% seats were taken.

My seat was center, but window seat was empty, aisle seat was taken by western girl.
When I started talking to her, she was Polish, Ania(27), she did volunteering work in Japan , Okayama and Hyogo for 3 months through HelpX, website.

She talked her interesting story for me a lot, she travel Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand for a year by helpX.
Then she will go back to Poland through India and Middle East, Amazing.

She just spend 50,000(500USD) yen for 3 months! Awesome!!

Actually, at first she planed traveling just for Canada for 3 months, and prepared 4000USD, but she knew about HelpX then started traveling around the world.
She even met Polish boy in Japan, same age with her, he came to South Korea from Poland by hitch hiking!!

She also talked other Polish boy’s story, he went to Antarctica from Poland by hitch-hiking(LOL) Of course he took boat for across the continent though.

Her story were very interesting, I was lucky to had a seat next her 🙂

While I’m traveling, I always meet interesting people and hear interesting story.
So I’m not special(LOL)


The plane head to Kuala Lumpur with beautiful sun set on cloud sea.

Before landing to LCC terminal, pilot said the terminal is very crowded, he will land to other airport…!

But after 30 minutes, he landed to LCC terminal safely, whoa~.

We got to LCC terminal on 23:30 in the local, 24:30 in Japan.
So sleepy~…

We didn’t need write immigration card, just they took finger print, then entered to Malaysia~!


I withdraw cash 200RM(about 6600JPY)
Service charge was 1 RM.
Is it normal? or I just chose bad ATM??

Then I walked to departure gate and found Air Asia counter.
When I walked around the counter, I found many people was sleeping on the floor.

I took 1 cart and got my place!


This is bed for tonight. I have private space by cart(LOL)


Backpackers people are sleeping like this.
Not bad, huh?

I wrote a blog in Japanese and in English, so I go to bed(?) at 2am in Local, 3am in Japan.
Good night~*

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