It was so cold winter in Japan, so I left Japan to Taiwan. I was so lucky that I could go to 3 big touristic sites for free, so I traveled around Taiwan but the cost was very cheap. At first I was worried about 20 days is more than enough, but it was wrong so I wanted staying there more.

List of Taiwan Travel StoryTaiwan

List of Taiwan Travel Story

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I will go to TaiwanTaiwan

I will go to Taiwan

Cold, sooooo cold... I didn't know Japan is such a cold cou...
To TaiwanTaiwan

To Taiwan

I arrived at Kansai International airport on 9:30, then chec...
Hukou and HsinchuTaiwan

Hukou and Hsinchu

Today's breakfast, thank you!! After breakfast, Rita-san ...
Yingge and TaipeiTaiwan

Yingge and Taipei

Today's breakfast. Thank you!! Rita-san show us around to...


I went to bed 4:30am but I woke up at 6am in the morning.. ...


I woke up at 9am. Today's break fast. Bread and coffee th...
To TaichungTaiwan

To Taichung

I woke up at 5:45am. Paster came to pick me up on 6:50am. K...


Today's breakfast. Thank you so much!! Today, Xiao Yea an...
Taichung to ChiayiTaiwan

Taichung to Chiayi

Breakfast. Thank you!! I wanted to buy face washing powde...
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