South East Asia

To Da NangSouth East Asia

To Da Nang

I woke up about 9am, then went out buying breakfast. I f...
To HanoiSouth East Asia

To Hanoi

I woke up at 8am. There was no one at house, so I talked wit...
Walking around in HanoiSouth East Asia

Walking around in Hanoi

I woke up at 8am. New Year's dish in Viet Nam! Health...
Walking around in Hanoi 2South East Asia

Walking around in Hanoi 2

I woke up at 8am. Today's breakfast for Luna New Year* T...
To VientianeSouth East Asia

To Vientiane

The bus stopped at somewhere about 4am, I thought bus driver...
To UdonthaniSouth East Asia

To Udonthani

I woke up at 8:30am. Today's breakfast, thank you so muc...
To Chiang MaiSouth East Asia

To Chiang Mai

The bus stopped when I woke up. Time was 4:50am, still very ...
Chiang Mai 1South East Asia

Chiang Mai 1

Timmy served me coffee when I woke up* Thank you so much!!...
Chiang Mai 2South East Asia

Chiang Mai 2

I woke up at 8:30am with Aimee. Then I went to Nina Massage ...
Chiang Mai 3South East Asia

Chiang Mai 3

Well, I wanted to do something in Chiang Mai. I always buy ...
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