Thailand 2

I go to Thailand for new BF, first time after the 10 years. While I was staying there, I knew many different culture in Thailand I have ever known.

List of Thailand Travel StoryThailand 2

List of Thailand Travel Story

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To meet boyfriendThailand 2

To meet boyfriend

I have a boyfriend finally, you know. Actually, I can say I ...
Between the day Korea and ThailandThailand 2

Between the day Korea and Thailand

After I came back from South Korea travel, I hosted Federico...
To ThailandThailand 2

To Thailand

I leave Japan with such clothes. Thailand is hot, Japan i...
To PattayaThailand 2

To Pattaya

Thai breakfast, yummy* We checked-out a hotel though, he ...
BeachThailand 2


I was so sleepy, I wanted to sleep more.. But I'm Japanese,...
Bad companyThailand 2

Bad company

Last night I asked them about meeting time for today, they s...
CleaningThailand 2


Well, I came back to Joe's shop after 4 months. He opened ne...
Festival in templeThailand 2

Festival in temple

"Tomorrow, there is festival in temple for getting donation,...
HalloweenThailand 2


I have good eyes, so I never attach contact lens. But these ...
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