I went to Thailand again for something, then I decided to go to Europe. I just bought 4months flight ticket between Bangkok and Rome, no plan no idea where to go. But I started couch surfing and found it was very interesting and fun!!!! And also I enjoyed many arts and yummy foods in Europe XD

List of Europe Travel StoryEurope

List of Europe Travel Story

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Sue’s travel diaryEurope

Sue’s travel diary

To Hong KongEurope

To Hong Kong

Sightseeing in Hong KongEurope

Sightseeing in Hong Kong

Hung around Hong KongEurope

Hung around Hong Kong

To Khaosan Rd.Europe

To Khaosan Rd.

What I do in BangkokEurope

What I do in Bangkok

I want to change my teethEurope

I want to change my teeth

To dentistEurope

To dentist

Flight ticketEurope

Flight ticket

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