Bank account and mobile phone


I went to bank yesterday, but they were busy, so I got an appointment at 10am today.

I just researched about bank in Australia when I was in Japan though, National Australia Bank seemed good.


This is the National Australia Bank, nab.

I needed,
Passport, mobile phone number and temporally address in Australia.

About mobile number, I bought SIM card day before yesterday, so it’s ok.
It needed for something security.
About temporally address in Australia is for sending card.
It take 7~10day, so I filled Sydney’s address.

So now I got bank account in Australia after New Zealand!
The interest rate is much better than Japan, that’s why I wanted to open the account 🙂

After bank, Craig came to the bank to pick me up, then took off at city.
Thank you!!


Well, today, I walk around city.


I arrived at Cairns Central shopping center.
There is the Target that I liked it in USA too!

I looked unlocked mobile phone and other company’s plan.
Because, I bought a vodafone SIM yesterday though…
I could activated by Oliver’s help though, the plan I chose was just for 30days.
I needed more!!

And it look very complected each company..
I just charged but could get 450$ as bonus.
I can’t these plan system but I should have chosen for long term plan..


Anyway, this is the lunch for me, 3$.
Good price 😀

But I think Australia is very expensive about anything…!
This is sales product actually.
I ate 2 muffins, but I gave up as it was sweet.
I wanna eat something salty…


Walk, walk.


There was hot dog for 1.50$ in Night Owl
It reminds me hot dog in seven-eleven in USA.
But there is no free vegetable here, it’s pity!


I walked through city place.


There was a band.


About dinner, Craig took me to his favorite Japanese restaurant and treated me!
Thank you very much!! XD

I did Thai massage to Craig for exchange, I went to bed quickly then these days.

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