I will go to Australia


I decided not going anywhere until June.
You know, I’m checking some zodiac fortune telling every month.
They said this year is fantastic year for me, especially it’s a good time to do something seriously between April to June.
That’s why I decided staying Japan until June.
When someone asked me, “Where is your next trip?” or “When will you go next?”, but I answered that I stay in Japan for a while.

One day, I read someone’s blog about couch surfing.
The word caught my eyes.

“I bought a flight ticket to Australia for 500yen(about 6USD)”

What!? Just 500yen!?!?

I know the flight company!

Quickly, I went to the website of Jetstar.

I guess it’s already sold out though…

There was a big advertisement,

Tokyo/Osaka to Cairns/Gold coast, one way from 500yen~.

Wow, the blog info was true!

But just member could buy the ticket.
So I applied as member quickly.

Then I got a e-mail that had a link to promotion price.

I checked the price from Osaka to Cairns first.

There are still 500yen!!
Are you sure!?!?

So what about return ticket??

There are still 500yen…no way…that’s so cheap…

But this price is just for flight ticket, so surcharge and tax should be added, it means altogether 20000yen(about 250USD) for one way, 40000yen(about 500USD) for round ticket.

I knew it, but still cheap…oh, what should I do..

I decided not going anywhere until June.
I’m preparing for sending my idea to publishing company now.

…No, no, I don’t take the ticket.

I can go anytime anywhere if I really wanna go somewhere even it’s Europe, Korea, China or Mexico.
Yeah, that’s right, not this time.


…I just checked the normal cheap flight ticket price at the other website thatI always use to buy.

Even the cheapest one is 70000yen(880USD).

It’s impossible to find the 40000yen ticket.

Yeah, I don’t have so much money…it’s not the time to go to Australia..

I don’t go, I don’t go this time.
So I deleted the e-mail from jetstar.

Well, let’s eat dinner!

“Oh, come to think of it, Nakano-san(70 years old my friend) go to Australia from today” I said it to my mom.
“He is?”

“I tell you something mom, there is 40000yen ticket to Australia now”
“Is that one way?”
“No, both way”
“Oh dear! It’s so cheap isn’t it? Why don’t you go to Australia?”
“Mom, you think so!? Yeah, it’s cheap…it’s so cheap….”

I didn’t imagin she said “why don’t you go there?”, so I surprised it.

“But I decided not go anywhere until June…I don’t have enough money…”
I spoke to myself.

I felt something strange feeling in my mind.

It never happen if I didn’t read the blog.
It means this is the chance.
I should enjoy my life while I’m living!
I felt same feeling before go to USA, but it was amazing, so I don’t regret it!!
Ok, I send the idea for book before leaving.
Anyway, the publish company consider the public idea for a month.

I decide.
I still know that I can buy the cheap ticket.

But before buying, I did fortune telling, I-ching.
It showed the best fortune for me!!
Whoooo!! I have never had such a best luck!!

Then I went to the website of Jetstar.
I searched the date that I planed, there are still 500yen.

So I bought it, not thinking it twice.

Osaka to Cairns
Ticket: 500yen
Airport tax: 4650yen
Surcharge: 14000yen
Sub Total: 19150yen

Cairns to Osaka
Ticket: 500yen
Airport tax: 6420yen
Surcharge: 14000yen
Sub Total: 20920yen

Total: 40,070yen

Whoa~ I did it~.

Until I got itinerary, I checked the website.


“Tokyo/Osaka to Cairns/Gold coast, one way from 500yen~”

Hey!! Where is the Gold coast!?!?

I have just been to Cairns 12 years ago by tour(3 nights 5 days), so I didn’t notice about Gold coast they showed.

I checked the place about Gold coast by map.

Oh no~, it’s located near Sydney…and New Zealand..

I could buy to Gold coast too.(But I didn’t notice.)
Even it was cheaper than to Cairns as airport tax is cheap.
I could save 2000yen(25USD) more!!

…Anyway, I already bought the ticket!!
It means I should go to Cairns.
Yeah, come to think of it, I didn’t walk around Cairns so much last time.

Well~, this is the first time to Australia by myself!
What will happen!?

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