I woke up and saw a clock.
And also saw a date.

Ah! Today in my birthday.
I totally forgot it.
Well, I’m 36years old finally.
What will my life go on?

I woke up and just stayed a while, Craig woke up and came to the living.

“Happy Birthday~!!”

Oh!!! He remember my birthday!! Thank you so much!!!


I ate Okonomiyaki from day before yesterday, Grape fruits that Craig gave me and chocolate as birthday present from Craig 😀
Thank you Craig!!

Craig is a pilot, and he has a job today in airport, so he took me to airport by car.
When I said I wanna see your plane and take a picture, he took me to his woking place!!


He also let me inside,


this is the cockpit though,


Now I’m an aviator too!! XD

This is the best birthday present!!!
I can’t thank you enough!!!
Thank you sooooooooo much, Craig!!!!

Then he took me to the departure gate, then I went to check-in counter of Tiger airways though…

The counter woman had a scary face with no smile, and asked me about hand-baggage.
I had to put my backpack on the gaze, and it was 9.4kg.
But also I had to put my other shoulder bag on the gaze next, so altogether my hand-baggage turned to 13.5kg.

Actually, the limit is 10kg, and over baggage have to be check-in baggage.
When I asked the fee for check-in, she said “90$” with cold hearted face.

I asked it again.
“90!? Ninety!? Ninety!?!?”

She said “Ninety. Nine, Zero” with cold hearted face.

No way!!!

I bought this flight ticket for 107$, so I don’t pay extra fee for baggage!!!

“Ok, I reduce my baggage.”
Then I left the cold check-in counter.

Well now, how I reduce my baggage??
My brain started thinking quickly for how to reduce.

At first, I ate 2 pieces of muffin that I took for lunch.
And drank a water.

I found 2 German girls are sitting on besides me, so I asked them to keep my some stuffs for me while I’m checking-in.
Then I took my backpack and went to bathroom.

Inside of the bathroom, I wear many clothes as much as I can.

2 socks on feet, 2 brassiere on breast, 2 half sleeves, 2 long sleeves, 2 jacket, a rain jacket, a long scarf on neck and skirt on jeans.

Also, I put lotion and sun screen on my waist, put camera to a neck pocket holder, put mobile phone and iPod touch to pocket on jeans.

Now I’m just a fat woman, yeah!!!!
No one can stop me!!!
It should be fine!!!

Just in case, I went back to German girls and passed guide book, then I headed to check-in counter again!!

Now the baggage weight was just 5.4kg~!!! Yeah~!!!!
So I succeeded to check-in!

I went back to German girls place with sweat.
My looks was more than winter in now hot Cairns.
I’m always comedy.

German girls also laughed when they looked at me XD

I went to bathroom again to take many clothes off, so mission impossible was done!

Actually, I packed my baggage under 10kg before I leave Japan, so it should be fine if I didn’t get any other stuffs. But I also got thick book when I opened a bank account. So I threw it away.


These my all baggage after the mission. Whoa~.

I took on plane 12:45, then I went to my seat though…
Ooops, my seat is window seat…
I prefer aisle seat as I can go to bathroom at anytime and no pressure.

Today is my birthday, but I don’t have so much luck as usual..???
I was thinking so though,


Wow!!!! No one sit even the other side’s seat!!!
Luckyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! XD
I can go to bathroom at anytime, I can make my feet straight, even I can sleep by using 3 seats!!



Well, window seat is not bad sometimes XD


There is just a bus from airport to city, it’s skybus for 28$ for return ticket.
In 30min, I got to Southern Cross station, then I was in line to buy train ticket for 10min though,,, it was not a line for train ticket~!!!(>_<)
I asked a ticket counter for train then I ran to there.

I tried to buy for weekly ticket as my guide book said, but there is no weekly ticket anymore!!
No way~~~what ticket I should buy..I have no idea…
So I asked many thing about ticket system in Melbourne at the counter, when I notice it, there was long line after me….
Well, there was just a person in the counter…in Big terminal train station in Melbourne.

Eventually, I bought 2 hours ticket for 4$.
What a expensive Australia!!
(about 2.50$ in Japan, 2$ in USA, 1.50$ in Europe.)

My host would come to meeting station on 17:30 but I noticed I can’t, so when I sent a text to my host, she replied she come to pick me up at over 2 station on 19:00.
Well, there is no way, it was my fault.
So I took off at over 2 station though, the zone was changed, so I couldn’t go out from the gate….
No~~~, I paid even 4$, but I have to pay 3$ more!?!?
But a kind counter staff let me go through for free. Thanks~~!

Well, I had time that my host come to pick me up, so just I explore around the station to finding meeting point.


There were a lot of Chinese shop!
It seems here is a China town!!
Everything seems cheap and I can’t find it on my guide book, so if I had not get delayed, I never know here.
Yeah, this is the way it is, that’s why I can’t stop traveling XD

Then my host Maureen and Brian came to pick me up exactly on time by car, then I went there home finally 😀

When I said I love wine very much, Maureen served me Australian red wine as welcome drink***


Then this is the dinner, and when I took a seat…


“Happy birthday to you~*” they sing a song for me!!!
Thank you soooo much!!!

Today was my birthday though, I thought I just move from Cairns to Melbourne, but Craig and Maureen and hasband gave me fantastic birthday present!!!
I’m so impressed!!!


Besides, they prepared cake and ice cream!!!!!(>▽<)
Ah, I can imagine this year will be good as usual***

Then after dinner, we watched TV drama together though, I couldn’t understand it at all.

By the way, Maureen’s house is like a 5 star hotel.
Actually, I planed to go to another host place for 2 nights first though, the person didn’t give me his contact, so I couldn’t make a contact to him.
That’s why I asked Maureen just yesterday that they can host me from tonight or not.
I really thank you that Maureen hosted me from tonight!!!

I had some thing that I thought it’s kind of trouble today, but everything turned to good at last XD
I say thank again!

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