Flight around Australia


Australia is so huge.
Too huge, I noticed.

I never made plan about traveling in advance, and I don’t really know about Australia anything, but Australia is too huge when I checked it on a map.

I asked Mika who stayed Australia few years, about Australia for traveling.
She said Kilo pass is the best.

Kilo pass is for Greyhound bus in Australia.
But when I checked it, it was very expensive.

Next I found train pass.
Especially “Ausrail pass” is the good pass for traveling arond for 3 months.
And I found 496Euro one.

It can go almost everywhere, but I found there is just a train once a week goingto Ayers Rock and Perth.
This time, I just have a month,,, so it seems slow to move.

At first I will go to Ayers Rock by plane, but it’s expensive than Japan to Australia!!
Umm, going to Ayers rock is maybe next time…

So,,,,I just checked special deal on each LCC website.

It was not bad option!!

So I decided to travel by airplane this time!

I bought 4 flight tickets first, then I thought about something for a while.
Then I bought next 2 flight tickets.

What was happen?

I missed the date!!!!

I had to buy May’s but I bought April’s!!! For 2 tickets!!!

I froze when I noticed that.

I can’t use the ticket at that day, as I still in Japan!!!!

There is no choice, just I changed the date paying extra changing fee.
The changing fee was 90AUD.(Cry)

But anyway, this is the details.

Cairns to Melbourne 107.45$ by Tiger air
Melbourne to Perth 107.45$ by Tiger air
Perth to Adelaide 177.50$ by Jetstar
Adelaide to Sydney 107.50$ by Jetstar
Sydney to Gold coast 97.50$ by Jetstar(the changing fee was 40$, so original was 57.50$)
Brisbane to Townsville 157.50$ by Jetstar(the changing fee was 50$, so original was 107.50$)

Total 754.90$(original was 664.90$…foolish fee was 90$ :'(

If I had 3 month, it turned very cheap as usual.
But this time I don’t have so much time to travel around, so..(>_<)

Then this is my schedule.

4/25-4/28(3 nights) Cairns
4/28-5/4(6 nights) Melbourne
5/4-5/10(6 nights) Perth
5/10-5/15(5 nights) Adelaide
5/15-5/20(5 nights) Sydney
5/20-5/23(3 nights) Gold Coast
5/23-5/26(3 nights) Brisbane
5/26-5/29(3 nights) Townsville
5/29-5/31(2 nights) Cairns

This is the fist time that I made the plan!!!
I really don’t like that but I try!!

I pray I won’t miss any flight.

If someone can meet me in somewhere in Australia, please give me your contact 😉

List of Australia