I left Fukui at 23rd April.
I had not enough time to prepare, so this blog’s design is same as blog in USA. (Maybe I’ll change the design later.)

This is my backpack.


It is covered by backpack cover.


Cover out.
I think my backpack is smaller than the other travelers.

Well, I go to kyoto first with my backpack!
I could go to Osaka Kansai airport directly, but I visit Nakano-san as usual.
He is 70 years old now, but he was changed by me when we met at Thailand, so he is travel bug like me now(LOL).
So I sometimes give him many advice and he talk to me interesting stories 🙂


So he treated me Sushi for last dinner for me!
Thank you very much~!! XD


Then very traditional style Japanese breakfast for next morning 😀
Thank you~~!!


Then Ramen for lunch 😀
Thank you~~!!

Then at 3pm, I left Kyoto after saying good bye to Nakano-san.
He just came back from Australia, and I go to Australia now.
When I come back to Japan, he go to Europe at the exactly same day.
So we are good friend now after we met in Thailand 3 years ago(LOL)

Well then, I went to Umeda first by Hankyu-train by 390yen, then I took JR train from Osaka station.


I used to go to airport by bus for 1500yen(About 20USD), but it’s cheaper than the bus now!
It’s just 1160yen(about 15USD) to the airport by train!!

I got to the Kansai airport before 6pm, then checked in.
They said it’s getting delayed 40min.
But arrival time is not so much changed, so it just should be fine.


I ate these for dinner that I took it from Nakano-san’s place.


Then I took on plane at 9:05pm, then the plane took off at 9:30pm.

This plane is the code share, so I bought the ticket for 40000yen(about 450USD) but many people paid more than me.

When I got to my seat, there are some empty seat around me!
So my next seat was also empty, yeah!!!
I can sleep as lay down XD

The announce said, it’s just 6 hours and 45 min from Osaka to Cairns.
Wow, is such a short distance!?!?

Well now, let’s go to Australia!!

List of Australia