Melbourne 2Australia

Melbourne 2

I ate curry and rice from last night for breakfast, then I l...
Museum in MelbourneAustralia

Museum in Melbourne

It's rainy day from morning today. I'm checking weather repo...
Rainy MelbourneAustralia

Rainy Melbourne

It's very hard rainy day from morning. It's very very hard.....


I woke up around 8am as usual, I said thank you and good bye...


Breakfast* I left home around 10:30am. I just hang aro...
Subiaco marketAustralia

Subiaco market

Hilary served me the breakfast with Vegemite. Thank you :D...
Kings ParkAustralia

Kings Park

Breakfast with papaya~* Then Sandra, Couch surfer from Ne...
Rottnest IslandAustralia

Rottnest Island

I ate curry from morning that I cooked it last night. Then...
Penguin IslandAustralia

Penguin Island

I wanted to go to Pinnacles though, I couldn't gather people...
Art Gallery and MuseumAustralia

Art Gallery and Museum

Today is the last day in Perth. I said good bye to Fumi-san ...
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