Sightseeing in Seoul


We wake up at 8am, then took bread for breakfast that we bought yesterday, then left home 10am.

Mom was tired from long moving from yesterday, so we took bus to subway station.
Then got to Gyengbokgung.


Gyengbokgung 3000w(about 2.50USD) a each to enter.


Cool gate~.


Oh~, looks like on TV~!
When I took photo many times, the battery gone…, no way!!

Actually, this is new camera, I haven’t used it so much before.
I charged full battery before leave Japan.

But it seems didn’t work…(>_<)

Anyway, I take photo by iPod touch from now.


See? like on TV drama.

Mom was very tired and our stomach is strange from yesterday’s Kimchi maybe, mom can’t walk around so much..(>_<)

We walked around Gyeongbokgung somehow, then went to entrance gate.


Oh! Cool mans coming!?
It seems guardian changing ceremony is started!!



After that, we went to National museum.
Mom took rest on the chair, I walked around the museum.



We took subway to City hall to eat lunch,


we came to this restaurant.


we ordered Kong-guksu, soy bean soup noodle.
I really wanted to eat it when I found this on the guide book.

The restaurant was full of local people, so famous restaurant.

When I sip the soup first…it was deep taste soy bean milk…

I expected like a Japanese ramen, but this was like a dessert.
I wanted to add salt and dashi soup…, so this taste is not for Japanese people(>_<)

Korean people was eating it even soup very much but I couldn’t eat all even noodle.
Japanese tourist on the next table also said same thing, I heard.

Ummm, it’ll be better to add salt and dashi soup for Japanese people~.

It was 9500w(about 9USD) a each.

Well, then we headed to Nandaemun, south gate and got to Nandaemun market.


Many small shop on line the street, looks interesting~!

…but when we walked along the street, many shopper talk to me and said “Hi girl~! We have completely fake stuff! Come and see!” in Japanese.
It was annoy and some man touched my shoulder… I felt not good 🙁

I didn’t expected such a thing in Korea.
It reminds me India and China…

Our stomach was not good from yesterday, even we ate soy beans milk noodle, it made our stomach badder… 🙁

We bought medicine, and I decided to go to Spa to take a rest.

We took subway to Youngsan, then we found big building.


This must be Spa!

12000w(about 10USD) a each to enter.
There were many interesting bath and sauna!!

We took bath at woman’s bath, then


slept on there.
Cool and gooood~*

There are many kind of sauna and ice room, very interesting.
If our condition was good, we didn’t come here, so it was good~(LOL)
I recommend here 😀

We took a rest until 8pm, then Myengdong by subway.


We took dinner here, Shinsong Sollungtang.
7000w(6.50USD) a each.

It’s a beef soup with rice.
When I ate it, the taste was very light.
So I added salt and pepper.
I guess Korean people likes light taste???
Or it’s a culture to add something later by themselves?
In Japan, the taste is already complete, so it’s different.

There are Japanese tourist next our table, there are so many Japanese people in Seoul!

We got to home at 10:30pm, long day.

I wrote blog in Japanese until half then went to bed.

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