To Seoul


Last night I couldn’t set new travel blog for Korea easily, I could set at 2:30am, midnight.I leave 4:30am from house to train station, so I set a alarm on 3:45am, then slept in.

“Wake up”
Mom woke up me at 3:40am…
I could sleep more 5 min…!!(>_<)

When I prepare, mom said again, “What are you doing? Hurry up!”.
Hey mom, we leave 4:30am, so we still have 30 min….

She thought we leave house at 4am.
Ah~, I see…

Then we leaft house at 4:30am as I planed.
We got to JR train station in 20 min by walk.

When we went into waiting room, I watched the football game on Olympic, Japan VS USA!
Hey! Go for it!!

Well, to Kansai international airport, we take train though, we take local train for saving money.
When we take local train, the cost is 4100yen(about 50USD) a each for one way.
It means 16400yen alltogether for return ticket for 2 people.
(yes, I’m living in rural~.)

But it’s summer vacation now!


This is the special term ticket, “Seishun 18 kippu”.
We can use it 5 times for all day for local train at everywhere in Japan.
The price is 11500yen! It means I and mom use it for 4 times, but still can use 1 time, whee~!

Then we arrived at Kansai International airport, then checked in.

After passport control,


we got to the boarding gate.


This is cute Jeju air~*


Not many empty seat!


Flight meal was the Onigiri 😀

Then the plane landed at 1:30pm to Incheon airport after a hour half.
It’s just like from Fukui to Kyoto(LOL)


I got a map on the tourist information,


withdrawed Korean money from ATM, 300000won.


I went to convenience store,


I bought 2 T-money card for I and mom. 3000w(about 2.5USD) a each.
This card for electric ticket for metro and bus.

I charged 20000w(about 15USD), then took subway to go to couch host place.

I arrived at his house around 5pm, then just put baggages and went to Myengdong.

I met D-san, a Japanese guy who met me 3 years ago in Thai land!
He is still really world toraveler, so it was on the way back to Japan temporaly from North korea.
He and his friend A-san went to Arilan festival at this time.
So this meeting is very coincidence 😀


We went to Pork BBQ restauranat, Samukim that I found in Internet.
Some Japanese people recommended there, so I thought it was Ok.


Pork meat 12000w a each(expensive!) and ordered baked egg for 6000w and beer for 4000w.
D-san bought beer for us, so alltogether, 10500w(about 9USD).

But about the taste,,, not very good… and I think the side-dish kimuchi tastes old… 🙁

We 4 Japanese went to cafe next.


We ordered cold drink with free cake.
It was 7000w(about 7USD).
It seems expensive in Korea though.

We had a good time with interesting conversation, then we went back to home at 11:30pm.

Then it’s already 2am that I wrote blog in Japanese.
I fainted away as so sleepy.
I wrote this in English after 2days.

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