Bamboo forest in Damyang

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Today’s breakfast*
Thank you so much!


Well, I think I go to Sunchon by bus in 2 hours, then take bus to Nagan folk village in 40 minutes, then go to Gwanju, it’s hard but maybe I can.

I went to Sasang by subway, then looked for bus terminal but there was no sign..
I asked a woman, she also on the way to bus terminal, so she took me there together*

Then I went to ticket counter to buy a ticket for Sunchong though…


Many many people in line!!
What!? Where do you go everyone~!?

I tried to buy the ticket but it was already sold out…
Ummm, ok I change my plan to go to Gwanju directly!


Busn to Gwanju 22300W

I just knew last night from Jeong Ah though, 3 days holiday start from today.
I didn’t mention it so much but many people go somewhere, it was good I had second plan!


This is the bus, I was first seat, wide and nice*


But.. traffic jam of course…
Even if I could buy a ticket to Sunchong, I couldn’t go Gwanju on the same day…so I’m lucky~.
Bus stopped at rest area 20 minutes in 2 hours, then run again.


I ate this rice puff that Jeong Ah gave me in this morning.
She said Korean people eat this in thanks giving day.

There was many traffic jam, it took 4 hours to Gwanju, it’s 3.5 hours usually.
I thought I but baggage to coin locker but I didn’t know how to use that, besides there was no empty locker though…
I asked in tourist information, they said there is baggage keeping service in the bus terminal.
Tell me first!


Bagges keeping for 1500w until 6pm.

Then I took bus No.311 to Bamboo forest in Damyan.
U-square to Bamboo forest 2800W

Usually it take 40 minutes, but 1 hour today.


Bamboo forest 2000W


There are many bamboo, feeling good!!
But many many people!!


There is Panda too(LOL)


There were folk village behind of the bamboo forest.

I walked around 1 hour, then went back to Gwanju by bus.

I met Youngmi, couch host for tonight.


Youngmi took me to nice Korean restaurant*
Yummy! Thank you so much!!

She is a student in law school now.
She has exam soon, so I appreciate she host me!!
After the dinner she went back to school to study again until midnight!!
She gave me key and I went to her house by myself.


These are medical stuff she ordered me buying from Japan.
I didn’t know Korean people like Japanese medical stuff!
I also brought many souvenir for her, Matcha milk powder, Matcha Kit Kat, Matcha rice cake, hand made soap…

I took shower and wrote blog, then she came back at 11pm.
She came back earlier than usual for me*

Then we had many good conversation but she got 1 call, from her boyfriend in Seoul.
Her face turned confusion, she said her boy friend just came now!?

She didn’t say to him about Couch Surfing and I stay tonight in her house,,, I guessed he came to her house for surprise her…

Youngmi went out her house to talk to him, she came back house in 10 minutes and said,,,
“I’m so sorry to say this but can you move to my school tonight?”

Whaaaaat!?!? It’s already past midnight!!! Move from now!?!?

Youngmi’s boyfriend resisted the idea of Couch surfing from first, even Youngmi hosted me before exam, so he angry with her very much…

Ummm,,,, what a close minded boyfriend…
How can he kick guest out such a midnight??

But I understand that he also came to Gwanju from Seoul by bus with 4 hours to surprise her, so I don’t blame him.

Well, fortunately, I can stay in her school, it’s ok just I move.
I thought I give her Thai massage and Youngmi wanted take it though, no chance tonight.

I prepared everything to leave, then went to her school with Youngmi in cold midnight.
I wanted to see her boyfriend’s face to say hi but he disappeared somewhere.

“I’m so sorry…my boyfriend is really trouble…I wanted listen your story more…but I can’t say anything…”

I’m OK!! Anything happen in travel, this is interesting experience too!(LOL)
I’m experienced traveler*
(I thought it was good I took shower already.)
Don’t blame him so much as he came from Seoul to surprise you!

Then we got to her school.


Sleeping room for student.

I can’t meet her anymore as she have to take care of boyfriend.
It was really short time, about 1~2 hours stay together with Youngmi but I enjoyed with her.
By the way, is there any good place for breakfast tomorrow?


Youngmi brought instant noodle, hot dog and couple of juice pack for me from her Labo!
Wow! Thank you so much!!(>▽<)

Actually, she bought a bread for breakfast in her house though, I forgive her now(LOL)

Well, I got new experience now.
I wrote blog just in Japanese, then went to bed at 1:30am.