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Flower petals art

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My mom really likes flower, her flower arranging is excellent.
One day, she arranged roses, but she couldn’t through it away after the flower life was finished.
So she made rose lotion somehow, and put the rose petals into fridge to make potpourri.

But she totally forgot it, the poor petals were still inside of the fridge.
When I ate cheese, then put it on the fridge, I spread the petals out,,, so I noticed the existence.


Whoa~, so beautiful!!
I can’t through it away!!
So what do I do for this..??

Yeah, I make petals art by these!!


Tada-! I bought the flame from shop.


I put same color petals on the flame.
Do I need more??


I put petals more.
I guess it’s enough??

I put back board on the petals, then I turned it to front…



Sooooooo cuuuuuuute!!!!!


I put the flower petals art on the wall.


Whoa~,,,, looks good XD

You can try the art like me!

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