Banana returns



“I bought Banana~. It’s smaller than usual but cheaper”

Mom said so few days ago.

I looked at it and thought it’s small but easy to bite.

Well now~, I eat it~….wait!!

It’s small banana, but I should try it on my head!!


Oh~, it’s certainly smaller than before!!
But this is good too!!

I have to enjoy this banana before it’s too mature!!

Let’s try it~ XD



Huh? You thought who I am??

I used iPod touch to take photo by hand, so it’s 100 times better than real I(LOL).
(iPod touch’s camera is still low resolution, so it doesn’t make photo clear. And it’s mirror-reversed.)

Actually, I tried to use good cameras, but I couldn’t set good lighting this time, so I couldn’t…

By the way, it’s getting hot and hot….Banana’s condition was getting worse…


Hey,,, I feel it’s getting heavy…!

Huh!! Come to think about it, I haven’t use Banana glasses yet!!
I have to take in on before my head is broken!!



Banana glasses is coming~!!
How do I look? Don’t you think I am clever?(LOL)


But,,, I couldn’t take cool photos, and my head was getting heavier…
(This photo was taken by good camera. You know the quality is quite different.)

*You’d be better not take long time when you have banana on your head.


I ate the banana from my head!
The banana was warm though…

Anyway~, it was hard job.
If someone asked me about my hobby, I may say “To put banana on my head”(LOL).

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