I met psychic


Honestly speaking, I like something spiritual.
Fortune telling, UFO and something can’t see by eyes.

I can say I like, but I don’t like someone who really into spiritual.
One day, I met someone who said “I was sister in church in my previous life”, but I thought she would be better to live this life.

I, spiritual person, felt the universe control human’s life, so I just wanted to search it if someone is thinking about same thing.
But there was no one in Internet, so I searched again using other key words.

Then I found a blog that a psychic is writing.
He was writing some good posts, so just I was feeling want to meet him.

I read some posts at that time, then I forgot though, one day I checked the blog again.
There was the new post about psychic advise meeting in Kyoto.

Sounds interesting!!

…but there was no price on the post.

It must be expensive like this meeting~.
Come to think of it, I don’t need any psychic advise, so I don’t need to go, I thought.

But new post was updated later about psychic leaning meeting for 2000yen.(about 25USD)

I wanna go if the price is 2000yen!

The post said there is chat meeting after psychic leaning meeting.
So I applied the psychic leaning meeting and chat meeting.
And also I asked the price about the psychic advise.
He replied 10000yen(about 120USD) for a hour!!

So expensive!!!

Whoa~, he charge a lot for his special skill…
I don’t need it as I don’t have any question to god or guardian angel.

I finished the apply.

But I need to know about him more as I will meet him.
I read many blog post.
Then I found he had a lot of psychic advise and psychic leaning meeting at some big cities in Japan.

Is he such a great person??

This time I applied the meeting for 10 people, but mostly he make big meeting for 100 people when it’s in Tokyo.

Ummm,,,, if he is such a popular psychic, it’s a good chance to get his psychic advise…

My curiosity is being bigger.

10000yen for a hour is expensive. Very expensive. But it’s like going to Disney land or USJ for playing.

Thus, I went to the room in kyoto that the psychic is staying this time, with envelope that 12000yen was in it.

Beep beep.

I push the buzzer on the door.

….no one come…is here wrong address??

Beep beep.

I push the buzzer again.



Door was open by a man who is totally different from my fantasy.

I knew he is around same age with me, but I guessed he is thin and tall, hair is natural and middle, has calm atmosphere, no neck tie, wear white shirt and light-color jacket with psychic aura.

“Ah~,,,excuse me but…. are you the psychic?”

I wanted to confirm it as I thought I came wrong address.

But he was the person, so he let me in his room, then I said “Sorry for a little bit late I come. This is the money”.
I passed the envelope to him.

Well, we sit down face to face between a small table.
There is long rolling white paper on the table.

But, it seems he don’t start it if I said something, so I started to say “Well….I’d like to get the message from my guardian angel though….”

But he said he can’t answer for such a simple question.
Instead of that, “How old are you? Aren’t you interested in marriage or work?” he asked.
Ummm,,, it seems there is no choice, so I asked about realistic question though, it seems I had to explain about my situation, so just I’m speaking.
I think he should know my age by his psychic skill…

I wonder when he start his psychic performance to me to get god’s message, so I said “Excuse me…Could you start your psychic performance for me..???”.

“Ok, I start now” he said so.

He closed his eyes, then move his finger on his face, he move his mouth slowly to say something.

He open his eyes then write something on the white paper by Japanese brush pen.
It seems the words from god but I can’t read it easily as his letter is not so good…

It took around 10min, then he read it for me.

“You are like a locomotive engine, but you can’t keep your motivation for anything… blah blah..”

Wh, what!?!? Is this the message from my god!?!?

I was so surprised.

This,,,this is the common comment for my story that I just spoke, so I guess,, it’s his own comment, not from my god…

I expected I may get hard comment or useful comment and interesting idea if my god give me some message for me.

While I was in the room, his mobile phone rang few times, so I thought why he didn’t off the switch.

The psychic advice time is just a hour. I paid 10000yen for this interesting hobby, so I want to let him do his job as much as possible.

“What time is it now?” when I asked, there was not so much time anymore!!

Ok, I do simple question from now.

Me “How about this question?”
Psychic “You shouldn’t do that. You don’t need to ask it to god.”

I don’t need his personal comment as I came here to get god’s message…!!
He can give me personal comment at chat meeting later!

“Please ask the question to god”

It seems he felt annoy me but he closed his eyes then move finger, then wrote something.

The answer didn’t get point for my question though… it’s also common comment.

I don’t have enough time, I have to get the value of 10000yen!!
Ok, I ask common question!!

Me “What person is good for me if I marry?”
Psychic “God says…the man like a dog who follow you everything”

Me “What!?!? It’s not interesting!!”
Psychic “Just such a man can follow you for your strong character!!”

Me “How can I find such a man!?”
Psychic “Dating site! It’s difficult to find such a man in real world, you know!!”

Me “Is he older or younger than me?”
Psychic “God says…younger!”

Me “Japanese or other?”
He seems awkward as he have not got such a question.(You know many Japanese people just think about Japanese world.)
But he asked it for god anyway.
Psychic “God says…More chance in Japanese!”

Me “Rich or normal or poverty?”
Psychic “Of course the rich is best, you know?”
Me “I know but please ask it to god anyway!”
Psychic “God says…he can’t understand the question”

His psychic performance is like these.

I asked many simple question at the end part and he do same performance again and again though, if he can get the message from god easily, why he took so much time at start part, I wonder.

Oh well, at the same time, I wanna know my previous life!

When I thought it, the door buzzer was beeped.

What!? It’s already such a time!?!?

There is psychic learning meeting next, so it seems the participant came here already.

Me “Oh no~…! I wanted ask more…”
Psychic “You can ask it after the leaning meeting if I had a time!”

Thus, 10000yen’s values psychic advise was finished….not enough of course though.

The leaning meeting, 2000yen fee one, there was 6 people, was interesting.
He explain about soul system(ex. there is previous life), and we participants could ask any question, so I asked,

Me “Excuse me, we are human now though, were we insect or animal at the previous life?”
Psychic “No, just our soul was for human. Just human can be human at next life too”

I was surprised because our ancestor was like mitochondria or something, but human’s soul is just for human??

Me “You said our soul have all memory at anytime for every life, but how many times the soul reborn on average?”

I expect the average is 5~6 times, max is around 15 times, and if the soul went to hell it will not reborn.
I hope his answer will not whole human’s life year divide by average life age.

Psychic “Ah~, well,,, when the human was born?? how long years ago?? just divide it by average age.”

Oops,,, It’s not my expect,,, no I can say it’s my expect….

I surprised again because the learning meeting’s plan was for 3 hours, but it finished a half of it.
He excused because there was just few question from participants, so his lecture was going faster than he expected.
What a poor!! He is taking money from it! But he finished it at a half time!!

Besides he make surprise me more.
There would be chat meeting (and I guessed going dinner with everyone.) but he doesn’t say anything after learning meeting.

Me “Excuse me..?? What about chat meeting?? I guessed we go to dinner together though..? Do you say this is the chat meeting??”

The learning meeting was finished but it was still early, so the participants still stays his room and asked some question.

Psychic “Well, yeah~. I planed to go to dinner though, It was not fun that I did it yesterday.(There are same meeting yesterday for him.) So I decide I don’t need to eat dinner today. We don’t need to waste money for boring thing, right?”

Well, come to think of it, it seems there would be not interesting with this chat member.
But he announced about it on his blog, why he wrote it if he feel so!?!?

Me “Ok, I go back home”
I decide to go back.

Psychic “Oh, you go back!? If you wanna have any question, ask me!!”

Any question..?? Ah, I wanna ask about previous life.

Me “Yes, I had! Please tell me my previous life!”

When I said so, the psychic face turned dark a little bit.

Psychic “Previous life? I can’t tell you now.”


Psychic “Why you wanna know previous life?”
Me “Just for curious.”

Well, you know, I paid 12000yen today, I wanna get the value of it as much as possible.
If he tell me, I can write it here, on this blog, and I can tell to my friends.

Psychic “No I don’t. It’s not good for you this time. If you really know it, I tell you next time.”

Me “Ok, I don’t need it.(smile)”

When I said so quickly, he surprised and seems shocked.

I have seen this,,, Ah, it was in India.

Then I and participants stand up to go.

Me “Hey, I enjoyed today very much! It was good to come here!”
Psychic “I’m glad to hear that.”
Participants “Thank you for taking your time for us”
Psychic “I wanted let you go quickly as I’m so tired, hahaha”

This psychic man can say such a difficult thing very easily for his customer…

Thus, my experience for meeting psychic was finished,

There was no value for 12000yen though, it was a interesting experience.
He seems he doesn’t have enough life experience I thought, I don’t say he is the real or fake though, he make a lot of money by this anyway, it’s awesome…but he may get bad karma and pay later someday.

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