Sue's Report

Making something by Sue, it’s Sue’s Report.

Making of Kaki leaf teaSue's Report

Making of Kaki leaf tea

We have Kaki tree in our house. It grow in summer very much,...
More yogurt!Sue's Report

More yogurt!

I love yogurt* I eat yogurt and use it for face pack too. S...
Making of Dokudami TeaSue's Report

Making of Dokudami Tea

I love Dokudami, Japanese herb very much. I wanted to drink ...
Making of Rose liqueurSue's Report

Making of Rose liqueur

Let's make Rose liqueur this time! Ingredients: Rose petals...
Making of Rose jamSue's Report

Making of Rose jam

The flower rose season is coming~! Look! These roses came...
Shoulder Bag for NaorinSue's Report

Shoulder Bag for Naorin

Naorin is my friend near my house. She found my book on the ...
Making of Rice bran soapSue's Report

Making of Rice bran soap

Let's make soap by rice bran~! Ingredients: Rice bran 50g R...
Making of Dokudami soapSue's Report

Making of Dokudami soap

Let's make soap by Dokudami~! Ingredients: Dokudami leaves ...
Making of Beauty skin lotionSue's Report

Making of Beauty skin lotion

It was 10 years ago I think, I watched a TV program that int...
Making of Eco soap by used oilSue's Report

Making of Eco soap by used oil

Mom said, "Used-Tempura-oil is filled up, so can you make so...
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