Canned me


I visited Master, a friend of mine, and he was taken purification ceremony by shinto priest at that time.
I noticed that then I was taken it secretly by I standed slightly behind him.

After that when he looked back and found me, he said “Hey! You were taken it as well as me!”

Gee, I could taken purification ceremony by chance, I was lucky you know!

Recently, I have’nt gone anywhere to write to publish NZ experience book, it means I’m sitting on a chair all day long and it cause me backache, neckache, and aroundache.

So I tryed other typing style like standing or lieing, but It’s not good for long time.

Not only that, I felt bright a screen of PC, for I used sunglasses to look it.

I have felt my all body heavy, even when I sleep I feel too heavy.

No,, I might be die..

I must do any exercise!!
Then I went to library and took out some Yoga books!

And must do walking!!

Oops, I forgot eating lunch. (Am I Ok? :P)

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