I was interviewed from Magazine of KIRAKUSHA,Inc
“孫の力 No.3” released at 25th Nov.


I was in Grand Canyon when I got the interview, so I sent the photo of that 🙂


I arrived at Haneda airport in the midnight of 30th Nov from Los Angeles, then I keep staying in Tokyo.
I thought I will leave Tokyo until I had no friend to meet, eventually I stayed Tokyo for 2 weeks.

#Date – 11/30


I ate a breakfast at Yamazaki’s house, thank you!
He took me to show around Tokyo by car as he is off today 😀


Tokyo Sky Tree!!
This is the highest tower in the world now!!
It’s 634m!!
Great Japan!! 😀


This is the “Sky Tree Don”, Fried shrimp rice bawl, 1800yen(about 22USD).
Yamazaki treated me, thank you!!!


Then we went to Akihabara, the Otaku’s place…and there are a lot of electronic shop.


I went to Panasonic’s support shop for my laptop that was broken at San Diego.

The estimate sheet for fixing was 91650yen(About 1200USD), Oh~…!
But I think I can get the money from my travel insurance company, so I will be able to buy a new laptop!! XD


I and Yamazaki went to Izakaya for dinner with other 2 friends of him.
Thank you Yamazaki!

#Date – 12/01

I left Yamazaki’s home with him when he leave for work, then I moved to Naomi’s house.
I was unusually had jet lag, so I slept all day long…
I went to Akihabara to take my laptop back, then I bought red wine to house,


Naomi came back to home and cooked delicious dinner~*
We had a good time 🙂

#Date – 12/02


Breakfast that Naomi cooked 😀
Thank you!

I slept all day long again as still jet lag.


At the night, I met Ko-chan in Ebisu, he took me to old-style street-restaurant street, we ate yummy pork dishes*
Thank you, Ko-chan!!

#Date – 12/03

I went to Yakitori-restaurant in Funabashi, Chiba as Mika introduced the person who wanna meet me.


I met Ms. M, and took dinner with other 4 friends of her.
We stayed until midnight, then Ms. M dropped her friends to their house, we arrived at her house.
She showed me many photos, so I could go to bed around 4am..

#Date – 12/04

Ms. M took me to train station in Tokyo, then I went back to Naomi’s house.
Naomi went back to her home town for a while, so I could use her house just for me 🙂

I met Ume-chan in Shinjuku after 2 years who met me in Thailand twice in 2009.


We went Izakaya, each plate is 270yen(about 3USD), we had a good time 😀
But the Izakaya-restaurant had 2 hours limit we could stay, so we moved to Mcdnard’s.
She treated me coffee, thank you Ume-chan!! 😀

#Date – 12/05

I was waiting the person in Shibuya at noon.

Suddenly, a voice was coming from a stage, “Hello~! I introduce this cute girls, Neko-Panchi! Average age is 11 years old~!”

What!?!? Just 11 years old!?!?

I headed to the stage.


Oh my~!!! They are just kids, just kids!!!!
What are they!? What’s that!?!?
I feel so shame in Japan~!!(>_<)
Why don’t you go to school!?!?

I never see such a kids show in Japan(can see just in Tokyo), so it was interesting and I was seeing though,,,, someone hided my eyes from behind, “Who am I~?”.


Yeah, I know him, he is Philip who met me in Thailand 8 months ago!

Philip-san knows about Tokyo very well, so he took me to cheap and good restaurant for lunch 😀


I ordered bottom one, it’s 680yen(about 8USD) with free drink and soup!!
So cheap!!
The lunch in Tokyo is really good price and quality I think 🙂

After lunch, Philip-san went to some shopping for clothes, so I hanged around together*

I got an appointment of massage from him, then I headed to Ikebukuro next.

I met Takucchi who met me at the last day I leave to USA.
When I said I’m starving,


He took me to Ramen-restaurant*
But it was too much for me, so I couldn’t eat all…(>_<)


Then he took me to Game center.
…But I prefer real one!!

I still have heavy stomach…can’t move so much…


Then he took me to Family-restaurant for dessert and drink.
He took me Japanese-sub-cluture today. Thank you! 😀

#Date – 12/06

Naomi came back Tokyo from her home town,


Naomi cooked dinner and we had a good conversation 🙂

#Date – 12/07

I meet Kayo in Ikebukuro who met me in Thailand and Hong Kong a year ago.


We went to pasta restaurant for lunch, 880yen(about 10USD) with free drink.
She gave me very interesting information about Thailand, so it made me wanna go to Thailand again 🙂
We chatted around 4 hours, then hanged around Ikebukuro for shopping*

Then I headed to Shinjuku for meet next person.

I was in wine shop, then Onishi-san found me from back.
She invited me to Tokyo around 10 years ago paying train and hotel, then she have took care of me when I came to Tokyo 🙂
I met her after 3 years.

She took me to her favorite restaurant.


Soooooo yummy~~~~~!!!!
Every dishes are sooooo yummy~~~~!!!!
Yeah, she is the gourmet!!

She will be busy tomorrow morning, so we hadn’t enough time but we chatted until 11pm..!

Thank you Onishi-san!!

#Date – 12/08

I go to Philip-san’s house for Thai massage 🙂
He got Thai massage many times when he was in Thailand, but he liked my massage!
I’m very glad 😀


We went to Matsuya for lunch.
430yen(about 5USD) all together, very cheap!
Philip-san and I like it!! 😀
Yummy too 😉

Philip-san go to work in Koenji, so I went to Koenji together, then hanged around by myself though, when I walked through in front of the flower shop, sales lady gave me a flower!!!
Very cute and good smell!!!! XD

I went back to home, then I waited Naomi from her work.


Naomi cooked dinner as usual, she is very good cooker!
I did Thai massage for her tonight 🙂

#Date – 12/09

Well, it’s Saturday, I found interesting gathering in Couch surfing, so I called Ume-chan to go there together.


I ware these cute clothes from USA, then go to Shibuya!

There were around 12 people including 4 Japanese.


This is the maid-cafe, one of the silly Japanese sub culture in Tokyo.
But we couldn’t stay there long, just we had 20 mins as the place was booked for other company.
We ordered drink though, when maid served those, she said some silly word with silly action, it was so embarrassed.
I felt shame as Japanese but it was funny.
Anyway, we left in 20min.


Then we went to Salsa dance party next!


2000yen(about 24USD) for Mexican buffet, so I ate 3 plates 😀
I wanted dancing salsa though,,, there were a lot of people on the floor, no space to dance..
And also there were no good dancer, so I couldn’t..

Then there was hat-party later though, many people went somewhere, beside Ume-chan lost her coat,,, we tryed to find it long time, then we just went back home.

#Date – 12/10

Naomi wanted to go to McDonald’s for some reason, so I had to join it, but we went to Burger King for lunch anyway.


I wanted to buy cheapest one but it was 650yen~!?(abut 8USD)
Oh~,, expensive Japan…
Not good taste too…

Well then, there is other couch surfing gathering today, I and Naomi joined it in Jiyugaoka.

About 15 people gathered including 8 Japanese,


We went to some temple.
Still beautiful trees~*
It looks like Kyoto!


Next we went to Todoroki-Keikoku.
Wow! It looks like forest inside of Tokyo!?!?


Beautiful trees too~ 😀


We took photo together 🙂

Well, I met Mar-san, a Chinese girl in this gathering though, she said she go to shopping in Jiyugaoka later, so I went there with her 😀

But we were starving,


I ate these at Matsuya.
But Mar-san had an appointment for dinner later, so she didn’t eat.

Then we hanged around for shopping together*
When we were hang around, she surprised about my age, then she started stare my face suddenly, she moved her face closely to my face,,, then asked, “Where is wrinkle?”

Ahahaha!! I don’t have it!

When I said so, she said “Sue-san is a fairy!”.

Whee~! Am I fairy!?!? I’m glad to hear that!!! XD

Then I followed her to see where will it when she went to dinner in Italian restaurant though, her Italian friend invited me to join the dinner together unexpectedly.
Oh no~, I wish I could…but I already had a dinner in Matsuya…(>_<)

Mar-san’s friend come from all over the world to smart University in Tokyo, so they must be very interesting people though,,,it’s pity!

Anyway, the Italian told about Lunar eclipse tonight, so I said good-bye to them.


Then I saw lunar eclipse by myself in home 😀

#Date – 12/11

I and Naomi hanged around second clothes shop in Kichijoji*


Lunch for 880yen(about 11USD) with drink and soup.

At the night, I met Ricky-san in Roppongi who met me in Akita when I walked through to Northern point of Japan.
He showed me around NHK last time when I came to Tokyo 4 months ago, today he invited me to a event of NHK too! (NHK is national channel in Japan.)

The event was about some TV program in NHK, so I might on a screen if the camera caught me 🙂
To my surprise, after the event I followed Ricky-san going to behind of the stage, a director knew about me!!
Am I such a famous person?? 😛

Ricky-san and the other person went to dinner with me 😀
I forgot taking the photos as I was nervous!(>_<)

Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot! 😀

#Date – 12/12

Philip-san asked me about massage again, so I went to Philip-san’s house by train.
He took my Thai massage twice for paying, so I’m very glad he likes it!!! XD
I go to everywhere in the world if someone pay the transportation fee for me 😉


Naomi cooked dinner, I bought California wine, we had a good time 🙂

#Date – 12/13

I met Ume-chan at Harajuku.
It’s third time we meet in Tokyo!


But she was 40min late as her slept..
Ah~, the tree is yellow~*


We hang around Takeshita-street.


We went to Udon-restaurant that Ume-chan like.
Yummy! 😀


Crape is famous sweets in Harajuku XD
It’s 500yen(about 6USD)


Milk bobble tea in food court*

So fun in Harajuku!!
We hanged around many shops, then took a rest in Yoyogi-park.


Then we went Meiji-shrine.

There is Takeshita-street and Meiji-shrine in Harajuku!!
I think here is a good place I take my foreign friend here 😀

When we were walking, Ume-chan asked me “Do you know Kiyomasa’s water well?”

What’s that!?!?

She said, it’s power spot that some famous comedian went there and took the photo of it on his waiting wall on the cellar phone, they got good jobs after that.

Whoa~, it’s 500yen to enter, anyway, let’s go!


Walk walk~.
Feeling good~ 😀

When we got the well, there are many people waiting for taking the photo of the well!
Our turn came in 10min.


This is the water well!!
Pure water came from the ground~!
If I use this photo on my cellar phone’s wall, the luck come to me!?!?


Touch XD
I will get more luck in my life~***


Tree is beautiful too~*

Then we headed to main shrine!


God~!! Japanese god~!!!
I through 100yen to the wishing box, then I made wish!!
Please take care of me in my life, god~!!

I enjoyed Harajuku with Ume-chan, thank you!!!
See you again! 😀

Well then, I went back home to take my baggage, then I went to Yoyogi.
Today is the last day in Tokyo, Naomi treat a dinner for me!! XD

I booked a restaurant that was good last time with my other friend though,,,,
when we went to table and tried to order, the waiter, he was black people though, he didn’t listen my order and just recommended fish dish(asking price one) importunately…

I said “we don’t need it now..” to him, then Naomi went to bathroom, but he still recommend fish many time.
I wanted to order anyway, so I said “we don’t need fish now”, when I said so, he suddenly took the menu from my hands and put it back to counter, then he left to other table!!!!!

I couldn’t believe it!!!!!!

I froze as surprise.

Naomi came back to table, she noticed my face froze.

It was sooooo rude to customer!!! I haven’t such a rude service even in foreign country!!!
I guess he thought Japanese people don’t say complain so much even if he did such a rude service to customer. He should have thought about is attitude twice before he did such a service.
Actually, it’s very difficult for foreign people to get proper job in Japan.
They must be polite for customer first of all.
He might lose his job by himself.

I wanted to leave the restaurant… but I booked and we still hadn’t order yet though, when I call other waiter, the rude man came back to our table and said “I ordered already!!”.
Then he came close to Naomi to say something…”Brabrabra~, your friend angry with me somehow~. Sorry anyway~ brabra~.”

Naomi didn’t know anything, so she just said, “huh?”.

Hey man!! Say sorry to me with looking my eyes!!!!


I couldn’t enjoy the dinner at all….
So bad…

I never come this restaurant again!!!!

Anyway, I sent a e-mail about this story to owner of the restaurant, so he might get pay back.

We left the restaurant then Naomi took me to cafe for taking a rest.


Coffee jelly~!
Naomi treated it too! Thank you!!!
I enjoyed Tokyo with Naomi!!
I will come back again!! XD


I took a bus to Fukui on 11:30pm from Shinjuku.
My next seat was empty, so I could lay down~ 🙂

Well,,, my travel finished~!!!

I just bought the flight ticket to USA for 3 month with no plan as usual, and scared to travel USA before landing,,, and I found USA is the most difficult country to travel though,,, it was great!!!

This travel is between the past and the future for me.
I met many friend who met past.
In San Diego, I met Hiromi who met me in New Zealand.
In Philadelphia, I met K-kun who met me in Malay railway and Tokyo.
In Montreal, I met Mika who met me in New Zealand and Thailand.
In Tokyo, I met Kayo-san who met me in Thailand and Hong Kong.
In Tokyo, I met Philip-san and Ume-chan who met me in Thailand.

Then I met the people who I wanted to meet.
I talked many time with the person who is thinking similar thing with me.
They showed me something how to do that when they tried to start something on their own.
I asked the process to the success person who have ideal life already.
When I talked about my story, they gave me various hints.

Ah, I wanna travel more, I wanna meet interesting people more..!!!
I really appreciate the people who met me!!! Thank you!!!

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