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I was so sleepy, I wanted to sleep more..

But I’m Japanese, like normal Japanese always on time, I woke and prepare myself for meeting at 9pm.

…but I didn’t hear any noise from next door, Ireland man and Thai wife.

He said meeting time is 9am, last night by himself, of course he woke up already.
I don’t know what time they come back last night though, He said at night by himself.

I said to Joe “it seems they still sleeping..”, he said “call them”.
Why I have to call to them as I’m not their friend…but I did.

They were still sleeping…no doubt.
No one woke up. I couldn’t believe that.
We decide we meet at 9:30 instead.

I and Joe already prepared everything, we put luggage at reception and went out hotel for walking around.


Resort hotel near our hotel.


Beach at Pattaya.

Then we went to Seven-eleven to buy some breakfast, then went back to hotel at 9:30am though, there were English couple but no Ireland and Thai wife yet.

I asked what time they came back last night, they said 4am.
What late!! I did good decision I came back just by ourselves last night.

Irish and Thai couple didn’t come, they came to meeting point at 10am finally.
But they didn’t say sorry or anything…I thought it was really waste of time.
They should have said 11am for meeting time! We could spend more time!!

We checked out the hotel and got on car, 6 people…I really hate it.
Joe said we go to beach, it take 1 hour. Because Pattaya beach is so much people.
Begore beach, we took lunch.


Chicken, fish and papaya salad.


Then got to beach.
But so many people…

Joe rent a seat for us, we sat down there and just killed time…

But it was not the beach where Joe wanted to take us, so we moved again.


Then got to second beach in 1 hour, the beach was in army territory.
Entrance fee was 20B for Thai people, 100B for foreigner.
But Joe’s friends, the other couples didn’t ask about money, they didn’t pay anything…I wonder why…Joe paid all money for them.

I started feeling something bad to the couples.
They should have said they pay by themselves for their fee, they should have passed money for Joe, as we were traveling together.
But I didn’t say anything as I wanted to see them what they do later.


Second beach, certainly there were not so many people, quiet beach.
Joe rent a seat and 2 chair for us, although he didn’t need it..


They play beach ball by Joe’s ball.
I didn’t wanted to play with them as I was not good feeling from last beach, as I found Joe had other girl’s photo on his smart phone, so I was just baggage keeper.


It start raining and other couples didn’t try communicate each other so much, I didn’t feel enjoy at all.

I thought this travel is not for me at all! It’s for them!!
I was so regret I accept we travel with Joe’s friends.

Thai girl, Irish’s wife ordered seafood for dinner, we ate under roof though, no one cleaned it after we ate, so I cleaned almost all by myself…
I was really disappointed from them.


Hotel for tonight.
We had to hang out together even we got to hotel, I really wanted have free time.
Thia wife didn’t come out as she felt sick and vomited, Irish said.


Joe wanted to play card game with them, loser had to drink vodka.
I didn’t play with them together though, I joined about 30 minutes anyway, but I left then.
I really hated pretending I’m like a friend of them, I needed my free time!
I went back to my room and slept by alone.

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