Reason for going to South Korea

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Oh, Travel Diary for South Korea is already version 4!
I like South Korea so much?
It’s not the reason.

I had some reason I didn’t want to stay in Japan at the date.
And also I wanted to go to Tsushima where I couldn’t go last time.

When I thought about it, Peach started promotion by chance*

Flight ticket Peach
Osaka~Busan Return 10,760yen

After I got the ticket, I contacted to Jeong-Ah, Busan host to ask her buying ferry ticket to Tsushima.

Busan~Tsushima(Hitakatsu) Return 57000W(about 6,498yen)

There are some ferry to Tsushima from Hakata, Japan and Busan.
It’s takes time and money from Japan, so I wanted to go to Tsushima from Busan.

This price is already promo price though, they sell 10000W(about 1100yen) ticket sometimes by promotion.

Oh, Tsushima is Japanese island but so cheap from South Korea…!

This travel is 6nights 7days, so I thought I stay in just Busan but I made new route by map to explore new city.

Anyway, I still can’t use Korean language though, I go to South Korea again~*