Sightseeing in Hong Kong


I wanted to meet Kayo-san who work in Hong Kong now, met at same guesthouse about a half years ago in Thailand.

When I send a e-mail to her, she got a day off for me and she planned to take me around! Yatta-!!

So we went to Lantao island by ferry.
She gave me a octopus card that already charged 100HK$ for me by her kindness.
It was very convenient in Hong Kong.

We arrived at a mountain in a hour by ferry and bus.


Huge buddha is sitting on the top!!


Po Lin Monastery
Hight 34m

We walked around the buddha, and then we went to next.


On the way to next point, there were dolls.
A little bit scared.


Heart Sutra


Bisides, great view from here.
Feeling so good~~!!


This is a lunch we ate.
Duck and rice, 49HK$.
Not bad, not so good.

We went back to Hong Kong island after lunch to see the millions dollers night view.


Ummm…not so great night view with gas…

I prefer the symphony of lights just I watched last night.

We went to the mountain and went to Mong kok by MTR.


Mong kok
Pile of stuff in everywhere!

I expect to find something cheep and cool though, I didn’t find something interest.


The dinner we ate, Japanese style noodle.

47HK$ Noodle and perl milk tea.

Kayo-san, she is Japanese though, she can’t Hong kong food so much because of too oily.
So when I met her I was surprised that she was very skinny.
But this Japanese style noodle was good for us =)

I wanted to eat a lot of Hong kong sweets though, I was full already.


Just we went back to her house, as went through the town that a lot of young people were walking.

Thank you so much Kayo-san***
I really enjoyed today~~!!

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