Rainy Melbourne


It’s very hard rainy day from morning.
It’s very very hard…
I waited the rain stop, but it seems no stop at all.
Usually I left home around 10:30, but I go out after lunch today.


I made sandwich 🙂

Well, let’s go out…..ZAAAAAAAA!!(hard rain sound) GOOOOOOOOO!!(strong wind sound)
Ummmm, it’s difficult going out…

I thought I go to Victoria Market today though, it’s better I wait a little bit more???

Oh! I draw likeness picture of Maureen and Brian for present!
I found pencil then I drew their face with seeing their photo.


Good isn’t it!?
…but I don’t have eraser, looks blur, so maybe re-draw by black pen?
I used other paper on the first drawing, then traced the line.


Ummm,,, the lines are not clear as the black pen didn’t move smooth.
The pencil one was better…?
But the first drawing has some spot from second drawing…
Well, it will be much better if I add color on it by laptop.


Whoa, being better isn’t it?
The bottom left one is horse that Brian’s favorite, the bottom right one is chicken that Maureen’s favorite.
I think it’s much better when I print it out for present!

It seems it’s getting normal rain in outside.
Then I headed to shopping center near home.
I expect there is a photo shop.
I put the picture to SD card.


Got to shopping center!
Then I found photo shop of Fuji film!
69c for a print.


I hope they like it!

I walked back to home.
Maureen said the dinner start from 6:30 tonight.


Whoa~~~~, she is amazing…
Thank you so much!!!

I presented the picture with saying thank you for hosting me these days 🙂


Ice cream for dessert!
I love it! Thank you so much!!

Well then, Maureen and Brian go to dance tonight, so I join with them.
When I started thinking which clothe I wear, Maureen knocked the door.



“I don’t wear it anymore, so it’s fit with black long sleeve”

What!?!? You give this to me!?!?
Such a cute dress!?!?

When I was excited, Maureen came close and said something again, “I bough this new ring, so I don’t need it. but it’s not real one though ;)”.

You give me the ring too!?!?

Wow, I’m like the Cinderella!!!

I wore those clothes just she gave, we went to dance place.
The joining fee was 10$.


I can’t dance but everyone are so cool…!!
It seems there are around 100 people.
Well,,,, I just watch them tonight…
Then Maureen came and took my hand, “Next one is easy dance! Come and join!!”.
So I joined with the big circle people dancing, the dance style is easy step and change to next person after the step.

Wooooow, so fun!!! XD
But I said “hello” and “thank you” when I changed to next person, so it made me so thirsty.
So I danced twice with other step dance.

And more, the man who taught me dance 4 days ago, found me and took me to Waltz.
So fun!!

Eventually, I danced 3 times tonight 😀

Thank you so much Maureen and Brian!
They are ideal husband and wife!!

I wrote this blog in Japanese at 1am, then I wrote this in English at next morning.
The last day in Melbourne was rainy day, but thanks 🙂

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