Became photo model


I’m working as camera man at photo studio these days.
Yep, I wanted to be a camera man~ 😀

Well, it means I’m a professional cameraman that customer buy my photo on photo studio.

I’m using expensive camera Nikon’s D800, about 300000yen(about 4000USD) and take photo of Seven-Five-Three years old Festival, birthday, Coming of age ceremony, family occasion or something 🙂

There are professional equipment on studio, there are 5 lights, reflector and some situation sets.

Sometimes, the cameraman had to practice when we had a time.
So, I became a photo model for the first time for other cameraman!! XD

I wore Japanese traditional Kimono, the price is 250000yen(about 3000USD) just for rental!!!(Sell price is 3~4 times expensive actually. Special Kimono is very expensive in Japan.)

Hairdresser made my hair beautiful too.

I became a photo model!! Yatta-!!!


Stand in front of Japanese style door with Japanese style umbrella!


With purple umbrella on purple screen!


With flower in flower petals!

Soooooo fun!!! XD

It was new and good experience for me~ 😀

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