Well, I started improving my physical condition from last night as I thought!!

Did Yoga 30min. last night.
Did Yoga 30min. this morning.
DId walking 30min. this evening.

Just did those, I already feel better!

To my surprise, my body had bended when I stand straight!!

ヨガ呼吸でダイエット―10歳若返る2週間プログラム (別冊家庭画報)
The books are Yoga’s I took out from library yesterday, they provide me 2 weeks program for I’m gonna do it every day 🙂

最新 ヨーガを始める人のために―図説・からだが語るヨーガまんだら
The other one has mantra CD, like a spell.
Sounds interesting, huh?

Health is most important on our life!

Now, I do yoga 30min. before I go to bed.

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