Money I spent in Okinawa | スーの日本国内旅行記

Money I spent in Okinawa

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Okinawa for 8days(7/2~7/9)
Visited main Okinawa Island and Tokashiki Island, did snorkeling!

7/2(Naha stay) Osaka→Naha(Okashi Goden, Kokusai Dori)
7/3(Naha stay) Tokashiki Island(Tokashiku Beach, Awaren Beach, Lookout in South, Forest road, Lookout for ferry port, Lookout in North)
7/4(Onna stay) Naha(Fukushu-en)→Onna
7/5(Onnastay) Maeda-Misaki(Blue Cave)→Onna(Diamond Beach, Okashi Goden)
7/6(Onna stay) Onna(Snorkeling, Manzamo)→Chatan(American Village)
7/7(Naha stay) Onna→Kouri Island→Oppa dake→Naha
7/8(Naha stay) Typhoon
7/9(Kyoto stay) Naha→Osaka→Kyoto

Flight ticket
Osaka – Okinawa Return(Jetstar) 10,020yen

Money I spent in Okinawa
Transport 6,640yen
Food 8,440yen
Souvenir 357yen
Total 15,437yen

10,020yen(Flight tickets)+15,437yen(Money in Okinawa)=25,457yen

Okinawa Island + Tokashiki Island + Snorkeling in 8days for 25,457yen!

This time, there was typhoon and I didn’t go somewhere so much, the cost was not so expensive!?
But I met many friends again, I swam in beautiful beach, got experience of typhoon(LOL), I enjoyed Okinawa again*

I wanna come Okinawa again!(If I found very cheap ticket next!)


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