I wanna go to Okinawa in summer! I wanna swim in the ocean!
I enjoyed a beach in Okinawa very much in this travel! So beautiful!!

Okinawa in Summer Okinawa2

Okinawa in Summer

I traveled Okinawa last October. I thought I could swim on t...
To Naha Okinawa2

To Naha

I go to Okinawa by Jetstar. Leaving at 13:35 from Osaka, g...
To Tokashiki Island Okinawa2

To Tokashiki Island

I go to Tokashiki Island today! I walked to Tomarin, Tomari ...
Fukushu-en Okinawa2


When I woke up I felt so tired... Tatsu-san went to work, I ...
Blue cave Okinawa2

Blue cave

We go to Blue cave today! George take us to Blue cave as ...
Snorkeling Okinawa2


Today is good weather too! We go to Diamond beach for sno...
Hitch Hiking Okinawa2

Hitch Hiking

I and George took Naomi to bus stop, then Naomi went back to...
Typhoon Okinawa2


Typhoon came today. Every public transportation stopped, Tat...
To Main land Okinawa2

To Main land

The plane didn't fly at all yesterday by typhoon, but how ab...
T Project Okinawa2

T Project

This time, travel friend T-san offered me staying good hoste...