I stayed around hostels in Yokohama and Kamakura.
There were a lot of Lotus anyway.

To Tokyo Tokyo

To Tokyo

I went to Tokyo last year, and it's time to go to Tokyo agai...
Fireworks at Sumida River Tokyo

Fireworks at Sumida River

Last night, other people who stayed Naomi's friend house dru...
To Yokohama Tokyo

To Yokohama

Mr. Man asked me to stay around Hostel in Yokohama, Kamakura...
Yokohama by bike Tokyo

Yokohama by bike

I checked-out Yokohama Hostel Village(Hayashi Kaikan). But t...
To Kamakura Tokyo

To Kamakura

Poor area in the morning. I went to a court for listen a ...
Kamakura and Enoshima Tokyo

Kamakura and Enoshima

Breakfast for 500yen in IZA Kamakura hostel. It's a little...
Cycling in Kamakura Tokyo

Cycling in Kamakura

I cheked-out Kamakura central guesthous at 11am. Headed to T...
Ofuna to Yokohama Tokyo

Ofuna to Yokohama

I checked-out at Kamakura Guesthouse at 10am, then went to O...
Asakusa Tokyo


Last night, a Japanese girl said the roof top is nice, so I ...
New Hostel Tokyo

New Hostel

I checked-out Kei's hostel, then headed to next hostel for t...