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Kyoto 4

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Tenka Ippin ramen for lunch*
I love this ramen!

Well, I and Nakano-san went to electric shop for buying iPad mini yesterday, at that time we got 5000yen UP ticket for selling other tablet.
Nakano-san decided to sell Nexas7.

When we went to the shop again, they bought it by 15000yen that we expected!
We were happy about that, then we went to Matcha restaurant for celebrate it(>▽<)


Matcha sweets***
Soooo Happy!!(>▽<)


Kyoto tower from walked through on the Kuchu Kairo.
Weather was not good but nice view point for Kyoto Tower!


There was nice photo place too*


Kyoto station is so cool!!
Like SF world!!

I have been Kyoto station many times but didn’t walk around so much.
But I found Kyoto station is fan to walk around!!(>▽<)

I said thanks and good bye to Nakanoo-san, then went back to Fukui by train from the station.

Well, this time was just for Okinawa, but I went to Kyoto for a while too.
Anyway, Okinawa 2 travel finished~.

I will write down about cost for Okinawa trip next.

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