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T Project

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This time, travel friend T-san offered me staying good hostels in Kyoto.
I name it “T Project”, so let’s get starged.


The first hostel is “K’s House Kyoto”, best hostel in Asia in 2013 by Hostel World.
It’s about 12 minutes from Kyoto station.

I stay Female dorm for 6 people for 2600yen tonight.


This is the room and bed.
I took the last bed.


There is locker under the bed for each.


There is 3 sheets for pirrow and bedding on the bed, I had to put it by myself.


There is wide lounge on 2F!


It’s a nice patio from lounge.


There is big food stocker on a kitchen, like in New Zealand.
Actually, this hostel style is New Zealand, a sigh said.

I took a coffee on lounge, then went to reception for asking something.
They told me ramen restaurant for dinner, and grave of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, famous samurai.

But I don’t wanna grave at night, so I headed to Ramen restaurant.

When I got to the restaurant, Daiichi Asahi, famous Ramen restaurant, it closed!!
Thurs day was off day…so I headed to other ramen restaurant.


Ramen Kubota


Dipping noodle, Miso taste 820yen

Umm, not bad but not for me.
Miso taste is very stroung and they use fish powder in it.
A little bit sweet and fishy…mmm.

Anyway, it seems it’s famous ramen shop, many people came.

I went back the hostel.


I took bath~***
I love it!!
But the hot water system panel is in Japanese, maybe it’s a little bit difficult for foreigner though.


I went to TV room, but there was no TV, just some cushion.

When I used wi-fi there, a American boy talked to me.
We had some chatting.

The small room is better to talk with new people.

Well, anyway, I stay some hostel for a while~.

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