To Main land | スーの日本国内旅行記

To Main land

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The plane didn’t fly at all yesterday by typhoon, but how about today…?

I checked a website and it said scheduled.
So I said thank and good bye to Tatsu-san, he went to work first, then I left his home.

It was still wind and rain though, I went to the airport.


Well, plane is going to fly as schedule.
I got to Kansai airport safely, then head to Kyoto today!


I bought “Kyoto access ticket” at Nankai train.
It was 1230yen, it’s about 300yen cheaper than the normal price*

I left Okinawa 11:45, got to Kansai airport 13:45, then got to Kyoto 5pm.

I came to Kyoto to see Nakano-san, a travel friend of mine.
Nakano-san said he will go to Hokkaido by bike travel for escape Kyoto summer, but I could meet him before he leave.


Famous souvenir, Chinsuko from Okinawa*
It’s 7 kind of tastes.


We went to Sushi restaurant for dinner.
We talked about a Spanish friends who will come to Kyoto next months.

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