Friends in Barcelona

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I woke up late and did Thai massage to Albelt, then go out!


I bought T-10, 10times riding on transport 7.95Euro

I rode off a metro on center, then I head to cathdral.


It’s underconstruction, not so nice..

I met Max(45:Italian) who are contaceted me by couch surfing, I said hello and shaked hand.

I tried to go inside of the cathedral though, the entrance fee was 5Euro!?!?
So expensive even church..!
Just I took picture outside, we went to cafe and talked together.

Then we went to Max house and he showed me his product like T-shirts like me.
After that I went to Placa de Catalunya by myself.


walk, walk, walk.

It was 6pm, I waited few minutes…ah! she is..!!!

“Yolanda~~!! Long time no see!!”
“Sue~~!! I can’t believe you are in Barcelona!!!”

Yolanda, we met in Thailand in same place of Thai massage teacher, 6months ago 😀

I never imagine I come to Barcelona~~..

Yolanda show me around.




this is a special mashroom in Barcelona…?
expensive but good taste, she said.


Yolanda bought a fruit shake for me*
Gracias, Yolanda***

We hunged around nice shops, then we to restaurant for dinner.


L’ Ovella Negra


Sangria 3.10Euro
Patates Braves 4Euro


Pernil “Pais” 4Euro

I’m full already~ 😀


From 10:30pm, we go to Jazz club to see Max’s session.

Harlem Jazz Club


Woooow, soooo coool~~~!!!

There are full of audience though, we came here earlier, we could get good seat*

Then I go back to home though,,, Yolanda took me to big road and said good bye but the road was opposite direction..!!

The metro be close at 12am, so I run run run..!!
I wore flip flap and it was after rain, so slip slip slip..!!
Keep balance!!!

Fortunately I could get metro and go back to home safely~.

I talked about today’s story to Albelt and Agnesa, then I did Thai massage to Agnesa.
That’s why now already 2:30am.

I couldn’t write blog, just went to bed.

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