Long distance bus


Today is Sunday.
Hideki tooke me to the Morning market near his house.


There are fresh vegetables and cheese, it’s interesting to see 😀

He bought something, then we went back to home.
Hideki made a branch for me.


What a great!!!
Awesome, aweson!!!!
I’m really impressed!!!!

I ate this great dishes slowly, then I used internet for looking next couch host, it took me long time, when I checked the time it was already 1:30pm!!

I prepared my baggage quickly, Hideki came to metro station to say good bye with me.
Thank you for everything Hideki!!

Then I rode on a metro and changed 1 time though, the next train didn’t come quickly, I had to wait 5min.

No~!! Please come..!!

But there was no way, just I wait.

Then I rode on the next metro, and when I arrived at the destination, I run run run to Eurolines office!

I checked in quickly, then I could ride on a bus 2min before the departure time…


Paris to Madrid 68Euro

Well then, the bus go to Madrid!!

…but bus don’t move..?

I had no idea but when I asked the situation to bus driver(Spanish), he said “I didn’t eat lunch, so I went to eat it. that’s why.”


Is that a reason the bus didn’t start in 1 hour!?!?

What a Spanish….


So the bus was started driving normaly,,,

but the bus stopped on somewhere 40min. because of the dinner time for driver.


Passanger had to go out together in cold night, we had to stay there 40min. for driver’s dinner time.

Then the bus started driving, I was sleeping but suddenly the police came inside, there was passport control.

France and Spain are shengen area, so I think they don’t need passport check thoug..?

Like this today, the long distance bus (18hours), it was not easy way…

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