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While I was traveling, I didn’t carry many clothes.
Actually, I had just some T-shirts and Jeans or Thai pants.

I wore old clothes especially in South East Asia, as I didn’t want someone think I was rich.

Well, to be honest, I had not bought new clothes these 10 years.
Well, I had not worn skirt these 10 years too, as I thought no one interested in my leg.

But I changed my fashion style by traveling in USA!
I could buy many cute brands clothes at cheap price, actually it was first time I bought long boots in my life, even I bought skirt for the first time in 10 years.

My friend said I was hot when I wore cute clothes, so I felt like I changed my sex from boy to girl(LOL)

Then I traveled South Koreaand found many cheap and cute clothes too.
So I started buying girly clothes that I had ever bought before.

Now I have many new clothes, but sometimes I forget some clothes what I had.
I couldn’t manage my small closet…

Manage somehow~!!

I took every clothes out, then put same style clothes in line.
I took picture, then fold those in same size, then roll up, fixed with band.
It was awesome idea!









T-shirts, pants, shirts, tops, scarfs, socks, underwears…

Fold thouse to same size and roll up with band.


I managed!!

It’s easy to find any clothes when I saw the clothe box!!
Fantaaaastic!! XD

By the way, I had not made me up and my looks was like a boy when I traveled.
My hair style was short, sometimes someone said I might gay…

Now my hair is getting long, looks like girl completely.



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