Debut on You Tube

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My room is Japanese style room, Washitsu.
There is Shoji, sliding screen window in Washitsu.

I made a small hole by accident last year, I didn’t fix it.
But my cat, Loto-nyan found small hole and made the hole bigger!! Oh no!!


Cats likes holes… so don’t show him holes again…(cry)

Winter will come soon, guest come to room sometimes, so I have to fix it!!
Actually I fix Shoji by myself many times.

Ah! Why don’t I record a movie to You Tube?


So I uploaded the movie, how to replace Shoji on You Tube(LOL)
This is the first time I joined with showing my face.

Well, I have recorded some movies while I’m traveling but I never edit it.
So this time I learnt how to edit, I think I could edit quite good(>▽<)

Anyway, this is first time I edit and I showed on movie, I was nervous you know..
No one is professional from first.
Now I can edit movie anyway!

You can learn, How to replace Shoji Paper by 1 min by my movie*

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