Plum life

English Japanese

My relative have mountain, there are many plum tree.
This year, relative gave us approximately 12kg plums!!


Good plums~!!

Washed it and after dried it, put it into bins with liqueur and rock sugar.


We made plum liqueur, plum juice, plum brandy and plum with honey!!
There are still 2 more large bins outside of picture though…(LOL)

Now, we drink plum liqueur that made in 2 years ago though, we get many plums saturated in liqueur.
It’s yummy even if I eat it directly, but I will make plum jam!


Put plums with water, and heat it.
No sugar or something, just water.


Wow, I made many plum jam! XD
Natural taste, that’s perfect!!

I took seeds from plums before.
Dried seeds, then cut it to take core out, it’s called “Tenjin-sama” means plum’s god in Japanese.


It’s good for health, anti-cancer!
We Japanese have eaten it from ancient.

We will be more healthy by plums~***

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