To Friend’s house

English Japanese

A friend of min, Ko-chan said “Come to my house” to me.


Yeah! I wanna go anywhere with backpack!

Ko-chan moved new house with his girl friend.
It was first time I met his girl friend, Kumi-chan.
When I went inside of his house, it’s very cozy house!
They like South America actually, and they put many goods on their house for coodinate.
Very cool!


His spice!!
So many spice!!
I have never met such a person who have many spice!


House garden!!
So nice!!
They pick many organic vegetable from here.
There is hammock on roof top too.

Kumi-chan hadn’t finished her work yet, Ko-chan showed me around his house.
We went back home with drinking beer.


Ko-chan cooked dinner for us*
Mexican food, maybe?
Thank you so much!!

I did Thai massage to Kumi-chan, then went to bed~.